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463. Landrush 04:38

Ok, this is a brave one. Imagine going on a magic carpet ride high up in the stratosphere...all the soaring highs and dipping lows over a hypnotically powerful beat. A real journey and an adventure of a track. Dramatic, intense and full of drive and energy. Like nothing else on this site. Would suit action project or computer game. Contains drums, bass, synth and electric guitars.

464. Outlaw 03:03

No messing rock blaster. A cross between Queens of the Stone Age & Foo Fighters...with just a little Journey and Thin Lizzy thrown in just to see what happens. Plenty of dirty guitar riffs and lead licks. Would suit action/thriller type film or extreme sports/motor racing project.

465. Rampage 05:25

Pure rock drama! Waves of guitars and drums come crashing in on the intro synth sequence...intensity builds through the verse until the chorus attacks with full on guitars and staccato strings. The last chorus has 2 searing lead guitar solos to up the heat just one more notch. Contains guitars, bass, strings, synth and drums.

466. Slam 05:04

A truly driven piece of adrenaline rock. Guitars and riffs everywhere backed by monster bass and drums. lead guitar takes the place of vocal melodies, soaring high into the stratosphere until the final lead solo bursts into flames. Foo Fighters meets Satriani.

467. Swagger 05:15

Powerful, intense, weighty, driven, determined riff rocker. slightly reminiscent of rage against the machine in it's groovy monster riffness. has a very tension-filled, soaring guitar solo towards the end. big guitars mix with huge drum grooves to make music that would suit sports/thriller/action projects

468. The rush 03:40

Siren synth sequences bring this track to life, before a huge drum groove joins them, taking the fever pitch higher. Finally incendiary heavy guitars collide into nail-biting life. A very groovy and powerful combination of sounds. Contains synth guitars, drums and bass.

439 tracks, not registered with a PRO
663 tracks, registered with a PRO
[<             19             >] of 45

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