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Band-Rock 5/194


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1229 Gemafreie Musiktitel
3601 (GEMA-Repertoire)

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A very warm and appealing track. Hard to pin down, with elements of ambient, pop, new-age and urban. Repeating patterns of guitar and electric piano create a dreamlike, textured sonic image. Great for use with visual media, carries a lot of emotion and reflection. A sort of kaleidoscope of sound and music. Thoughtful, unique and interesting. This track is available in many different versions, with or without the high guitar notes, and with or without the drums.


Lonesome Cowboy


An old time country waltz played on Dobro, pedal steel guitar, mandolin, guitar, bass and drums. Traditional country band style, authentic live performance. Happy and feelgood, yet also wistful and reflective.


The City


Dieser kurzer Track ist eine spritzige Mischung aus R & B, Jazz und Funk. Sehr cool, chic. Ideal für TV-Shows, intros, Werbung, Mode, cooler Lebens-Stil ... usw. Erhältlich als 30-Sekunden, 20-Sekunden, 10-Sekunden Track oder als nahtloser Loop..


Four Of A Kind


Jazzy Soul-Funk mit großen Bläser Linien. Frech, cool, up-front und optimistisch. Big Band Jazz, sehr gut geeignet für positive und Spaß-Programme, wie eine Quiz-Show, Game-Show, Talk-Show oder eine andere anspruchsvolle Fun-Show, Spiel, Präsentation, etc.


I've Found You


A gentle and poignant acoustic pop track. A piano lead is backed up by acoustic guitars, drums, soft synths and a beautiful violin section towards the end. Romantic and thoughtful with a feel of true love and happiness. Great for film, tv, commercials and more.

1229 Gemafreie Musiktitel
3601 (GEMA-Repertoire)
      5             >] von 194

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