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1476 Gemafreie Musiktitel
2968 (GEMA-Repertoire)

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151. Run the Drum 02:41

A rough, tough, down and dirty track suitable for battle, modern warfare, combat, fighting or brawling. Also, extreme machines, high power sports, motor racing, mean streets, tough guys taking no prisoners. Slow and funky, powerful Big Beat drums, slamming rhythm, hard biting guitars and synths. Dirty and gritty, like barbed wire.

Mystical, mysterious minimal underscore with just a deep drone and few scattered piano notes. Monotenous drone and atonal piano. Suspenseful, pensive, tense. Good for classic horror style, creepy, eerie backdrop. Also available with just the drone,and just the piano.

Epic orchestral soundtrack with a powerful driving groove that relentlessly pushes forward creating a feeling of extreme intensity and urgency. Featuring cinematic trailer-esque style production with an exciting, suspenseful buildup to a strong dramatic climax. Good for sports and action sequences.

167. Space View 05:10

Sphärisches und schwereloses Stück zwischen Ambient, Pop und Trip Hop mit Delay-Gitarren, E-Bow-Einsatz, weiten Synthie-Pads, Bass-Gitarre und elektronischen Beats. Prima für Weltall, Naturszenen oder Unterwasser, wenn es etwas peppiger sein soll.

175. Courtroom Entrance 00:28

A slow and solemn orchestral soundtrack with a stately and processional feel evoking a day of reckoning atmosphere full of apprehension. Good for courtroom dramas, military tribunals and more. With a mysterious, “to be continued” style ending.

1476 Gemafreie Musiktitel
2968 (GEMA-Repertoire)
        7             >] von 178

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