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A dirty and funky big-beat / urban track. Rough and tough, with a determined, gritty, slamming beat. Rock style guitar riffs, like mean guys on the street. Also good for sports, motorsports, fighting / brawling, show of force, mean machines, etc.


Silent Dancefloor


High-tech electro grooves, pumping and sizzling. A moody but upbeat electronica track with distant vocal chants and swirling pads. Great for commercials, product presentation, dance, club scene, confident corporate material, sports footage and much more.


hold on 2 my love2


Sweeps und Flächen am Anfang zusammen mit einer verführerischen Frauenstimme, dann kommt ein gerader Beat hinzu. Entwickelt sich über 7 Minuten zu einer Fundgrube an Soundvariationen und Fills, bleibt aber immer eng am Thema.




Addictive melody... sombre, yet optimistic, mood...Haunting, lush, provocative... Exotic chill-out at its best. Beautiful mysterious, mid-eastern sounds and mood, with a western touch... a hint of sadness blended with an uplifting, but still mysterious tension that holds the interest.

61 Gemafreie Musiktitel
94 (GEMA-Repertoire)
 1         von 7