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New Tracks 8/20

You can use this page to listen to the 500 latest tracks we added to our Library.


500 Tracks

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111 tracks, not registered with a PRO
389 tracks, registered with a PRO

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177. Superhuman 02:36
Added on: 30.12.2022

A very determined, mean spirited and down-and-dirty power rock track. Bad attitude, mean, powerful and gritty. Also available as an Underscore version, without the lead guitars.

Added on: 30.12.2022

A symphonic melodic swash buckler from start to finish. Very bright from the outset as strings and woodwind provide rhythm and drive while the huge brass section soars as the heroic melody is introduced. Male and female choir adds further colour to the excitement as the track races onwards before reaching its triumphant finale. Suitable for epic trailers, cinematic / climactic scenes, fantasy, adventure, amazement and wonderment.

Visions of Wonderment
188. Bonecrusher 02:21
189. Wraith 03:01
Added on: 30.12.2022

The first half of this track is a mystical, eerie, dark ambient guitar piece with an evil, malevolent presence. For the second half it develops into a very dark, deep, gutsy and powerful metal rock / progressive rock track with a sense of a violent, unstoppable evil. Use for horror and unspeakable terror.

195. Ride the Synth Wave 02:12
Added on: 30.12.2022

A thoughtful, moderately paced 1980's mood piece with all of the best that synthesized music has to offer. Smooth waves of melody, nicely textured with percussive accents and rich layers of instrumentation surfing throughout, make this a nice backdrop for wide open spaces or concepts.

Ride the Synth Wave
197. Excelsis 03:22
Added on: 30.12.2022

A very unique and imaginative composition, consisting entirely of human voices / boys' choir and subtle strings. With hints of religion or worship, this is a 'new classical', experimental piece, highly useful for history, documentary, fantasy / adventure, faith and spirituality, art or even mystery type productions. Eerie and strangely spellbinding.

199. Rock Me Indie 02:14
Added on: 30.12.2022

A modern take on the 2000's garage-rock revival, this uptempo indie-rock piece is full of positive energy and grittily layered instrumentation. Driving / Bold / Bright / Enthusiastic.

Rock Me Indie
111 tracks, not registered with a PRO
389 tracks, registered with a PRO
8 >] of 20