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Epic 14/14


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68 tracks, not registered with a PRO
280 tracks, registered with a PRO

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High energy, adrenaline-fuelled rock music. Motivational wild fun, energetic, with big guitar and pounding drums, synths & strings. Perfect for action adventure, extreme sports, new car commercials, manly jeans or bikes, racing biking, bar fights, angsty teens or 20-somethings. White knuckle ride.


Menu II


Video game, start menu track. Orchestral, corporate, motivational, heroic piece. Kinda static but intense, dramatic and energetic at the same time. Great for any internet, web, flash, business project, menu, logo, promo, corporate and motivational usage.


Knight Path


Orchestral piece. It begins with a pretty Asian-like melody orchestrated with strings, processes to a dark, suspense part and then culminates with the main theme played by a brave brass section. Great as a soundtrack for any movie, film, trailer TV program, flash, animation or as a background music for any project which needs a quality, orchestral music.




Transform is a big, bold and fast orchestral action track that is perfect for Movie Trailers. It's intense, uplifting and very epic with more subtle emotional moments too. Transform builds and grows throughout with big strings, even bigger Brass licks, deep sub bass and lots of percussion.




Fast paced, inspiring, epic and modern Rock track similar to Muse and Kasabien. Awaken bristles with eastern sounding piano and and hard hitting electric guitars. Stabbing string and synth pads fill out the track to create a vivid and uplifting sound. (Inspired by United States of Eurasia by muse)

68 tracks, not registered with a PRO
280 tracks, registered with a PRO
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