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Groovy 10/15


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106 tracks, not registered with a PRO
251 tracks, registered with a PRO

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243. snakebite 02:20

Groovey, driving, uptempo electro-pop track with a retro feel. Funky synth basses & an intense beat drive the tune together with simple synth &retro organ lines. Crisp, punchy & with great forward momentum. Would suit action,thriller,sports projects.

244. slink 04:10

Groovy & driving electro guitar track. Begins with spacey, trippy synth sequences overlaid by ethereal clean guitar lead then the chorus brings a pumping beat energized by hefty guitar riffs and searing lead solos. Great music to cruise across the nevada desert by.

245. salamander 03:25

A lone piano line signals the entrance of monster grungey guitar riffs, bludgeoning you mercilessly from the outset. Queen-esque lead lines join in before the chorus blazes into life with powerful and emotive strings overlaying the gargantuan guitars. A powerful and intense brew.

246. sabre 05:59

Epic, intense, gutsy, unique, high-powered, high-drama explosive rock track with an Eastern flavoured intro. Arabian plucked strings build the intro tension before a monster riff explodes the track into energised life. Would suit extreme sports,action type projects. Can your project handle it?

106 tracks, not registered with a PRO
251 tracks, registered with a PRO
           10        of 15

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