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Musik von Bjarne O. Henriksen


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2. Love conquers 03:55

Majestic. Sweeping, full orchestral instrumentation. Very emotional piece.. Male vocals compliment our lady, followed by gongs, and a female choir. The song builds up to a climax, then everything calms, a trumpet sounds, and violins sing of victory, sunshine and happiness... calming and powerful at the same time.

Love conquers

Skurril - ein china-inspiriertes Orchester überbrückt West und Ost. Die Erhu - eine zweisaitige Violine tanzt spielerisch über die schönen und herzlichen Bilder des orchestralen Backgrounds. Perkussion unterstützt die fröhliche und glücksverheißende Stimmung.

Chinese Divine Dance
5. Solem moment 04:15

Music to be transported by... intriguing. Soothing… Very peaceful and calming... opens with stunningly beautiful operatic female vocals, orchestral swirling and an open feel... Sprinklings of flute... breathtaking orchestral swells throughout... a dreamy, filmscape mood of sunsets and vast oceans... the vocals are ethereal and full of purity and beauty.

Solem moment
6. Journey 03:45

Addictive melody... sombre, yet optimistic, mood...Haunting, lush, provocative... Exotic chill-out at its best. Beautiful mysterious, mid-eastern sounds and mood, with a western touch... a hint of sadness blended with an uplifting, but still mysterious tension that holds the interest.

8. The kings men 02:13

Großartiges und heroisches Midtempo Orchester Stück erzählt die Saga von Sieg und Ruhm….die Liebe für eine eben gewonnene Schlacht… das Böse ist besiegt… der Frieden wieder hergestellt… dem Himmel sei Dank. Lasst uns die Tapferkeit der Soldaten preisen. Kraftvolle Drums, epische Bläser und stürmische Chöre. Man möchte aufstehen und salutieren.

The kings men
9. We are not alone 04:40

Very smooth and attention-commanding opening...Moody, distant guitar riffs... the vocals bring out the ambience in the song... takes you on a trip through the decades of all sorts of very diverse musical genres... at one point there is a powerful gospel-style voice singing over the choir, horns, and strings.

We are not alone
10. Soldiers Suite 04:46

Mächtige orchestrale Ode an den einfachen Soldaten. Unterstützt durch Kirchenchor und Ambient Drum Pads, Melodieführung durch chinesische Streichinstrumente, feierliche Trompete und die zwei-saitige Erhu-Violine für einen heroischen und epischen Höhepunkt. Großartig und majestätisch.

Soldiers Suite
12. Embraced by Angels 05:09

Mysterious intro with great restraint... maintains an emotion that is both relaxing and haunting, builds gradually... enchanting female vocalist... a powerful piece... Gregorian chantlike tones... dreamy, ambient yet still classical.

Embraced by Angels
13. Forgive 05:12

Mid-tempo Sprinkles of Metallic Arpeggio lead in to a Heartfelt Indian Male Vocal singing about Love or Happier Times Gone accompanied by Orchestral Strings and Percussion, Mellotron Choir carried along on a gentle steady bed of Ambient Drums and Caressing Harp

16. Strong beautiful 03:42

Majestic Orchestral Very Intense Swinging Ride driven by a Mixture of Orchestral and Ambient Percussion and Epic Horns moving to a Powerful Tutti that takes you Back to the Time of Legends and King Arthur. Uplifting and Serene. A Ride to an Important Battle or on the way back from one just Heroically Won.

Strong beautiful
18. Hosana 03:06

Deep Unearthly Roaring opens up to a Religious Intro by a church Choir singing hallelujah until Ambient Drums commence a steady, almost groovy beat leading into a slightly syncopated chorus with the church choir singing Hosana repeatedly on top, almost in the fashion of a mainstream pop song

20. Jesus Christ 03:10

Big Ominous Greek church Choir opens up solemnly singing Jesus Christi, leading in to an Indian Male vocalist paying homage supported by Angelic female choir, Swirling Harp, Strings and a light Ambient Drum pad helping it all to faithfully cruise along in a very mellow way until taking a turn to reach a dramatic end

Jesus Christ
21. The grooms jig 03:25

Ambient und sehr ethnisch. Festlicher und fröhlicher Dance Song für die Braut. Dynamisch angetrieben durch Drums, Strings und Bläser, die sich in große, emotionale Höhen aufschwingen, zusammen mit großartigen Chören, Flöten, Harfe und Streichern. Ein besonderes Lied, durchdrungen von Liebe und dem Versprechen auf etwas Wunderbares.

The grooms jig
22. World piece 04:13

Heavy and Dynamic Chinese Cymbals and Percussion open up for and carry an Arabian Woman’s Beautiful and Wholehearted Very Dance-Like Song about Spirituality and Love - joined by Orchestral and Ethnic Instruments in Harmonious Concert Raising the song and our spirits To New Heights Ending With Bliss. Very Eclectic and Epic at the Same Time.

World piece
24. Chinese Heartbeat 05:19

Opens with a stormy hurricane-like effect that sets off a serene heart pulse Chinese gong beat and a melancholic Erhu and violin theme carried along by timpani and clarinet to a very soft and fragile peak achieved by a faint Madison Square Garden crowd choir...a crying out for something or someone - or for celebration... with hope and belief inserted and inspired by a confident and courageous flute... all ending in a harmonious concert of new hope and peace

Chinese Heartbeat
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