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462 Gemafreie Musiktitel
1657 (GEMA-Repertoire)

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Bedrohliche, dunkle Stimmung mit langsam pulsierendem Herzschlag, zahlreichen Orchester FX und massiven Hits. Der Schöpfer aus der griechischen Mythologie, Prometheus, lässt grüßen. Ideale Unterlage für unvorhersehbare, aufreibende Opener und Trailer.

CSI inspired dark and foreboding orchestral soundtrack full of mystery and suspense. Brooding ominous low strings, sinister swelling brass, and eerie high solitary piano figures create an uneasy mood of uncertainty.


Heroin high


A somber suspenseful track featuring rhythmic patterns evolving sound bed, sound design leaving you with a sense of worry and anxiety. Feels like expecting something unknown to happen. Imagine time passing by in nervousness or a confused and helpless stupor while a black clouded storm approaches.

Pizzicato cellos tip toe through a veil of shimmering strings and mystical, elfin-like flute lines in this engaging mid tempo orchestral interlude. Perfect for underscoring narratives or commercials, the track draws a metaphor between a dark forest and life's winding journey. The track is divided into interchangeable segments with 1 bar gaps so that it can be easily edited to suit durations. Both witty and dark in equal measures, the track is similar in style and instrumentation to An Unfortunate Incident.


Scary clock


Dunkler Sci-Fi, Horror Track. So fühlt man sich wenn man weiß das die eigene Zeit abgelaufen ist. Jeder Ton erschreckt und bringt nervöse Panik. Beinhaltet tiefe dunkle Streicher, spannungsgeladene Perkussiongrooves, brodelndes filmisches Sound Design und perkussive Akzente.


Endless Combat


A powerful and dramatic orchestral soundtrack piece. Full symphony orchestra and large choir, staccato and relentless. Ominous, dark, forceful. Highly suitable for war, conflict, battle, fantasy or sci-fi. Expensive, meticulous, Hollywood quality production. This track is recorded with a live philharmonic orchestra and choir.

462 Gemafreie Musiktitel
1657 (GEMA-Repertoire)
 1             >] von 85