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Musik von Bjorn Lynne


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Dreamy Days


A light contemporary pop track with pleasant piano melodies and a soft production. Good for easy days, positive feelings, green values, family and friendships, new beginnings. Hopeful / emotional / mellow / caring.


Synchro Express


Funky electronic / house / dance track with a science and technology feel. Nice and solid, determined, forward drive. House / techno beats with varied synth arpeggios and melodics throughout. Good energy level, but not too over-the-top. Good for video games, futuristic / hi-tech racing / driving, sports and workouts, exercise / fitness, any high energy on-screen visual presentations etc.


Mystical Pyramids


Dunkle Vorahnungen. Arabisch-Ägyptischer Titel mit Sinn für Geschichte und Mystik. Dieser Track hat verschiedene Phasen - manche mehr und manche weniger rhythmisch - und kann für verschiedenste Anlässe genutzt werden.


Bumpy Rides


Fun and bouncy, at times a little bit silly, this is a very melodic, fast moving, colorful kids style track. Perhaps outdoor playing, funny karting or racing or just having a fun time.


Dreams of Glory


A very inspirational track with a strong piano melody, inspired by Vangelis' "Chariots of Fire" etc. and very suitable for inspiration, achievement, dreams and aspirations. Inspirational, motivational, patriotic.


Ice Planet


Mid-tempo, rich and lush ambient electronica with a downtempo electronica beat and a deep bass groove. This is a pretty long track at over 8 minutes featuring varied parts throughout. Somewhat magical, floaty and 'otherworldly'. Could be good for ice caps, space flight, space imagery, underwater footage, flying / traveling, technology and science, visual presentations of many types.


Unseen Terrors


Horror, scifi or thriller underscore featuring severely mangled guitar notes, deep thumping percussion and a disturbing drone. Like the desolate sound from the pits of hell, this is a very dark ambient track.


Big City Dreamer


Instrumental R&B / Urban pop / Hip-Hop / Chill-out. Mid-tempo electronic drums with lush string sections and light synth melodies. Appealing, slightly dreamy. Positive, comforting, heartening. Mellow but uplifting. Also available without the lead synths.


Jazzy Chill (Sax)


A swaggering, cavalier piece of jazzy lounge chillout music. It's got a certain 'Pink Panther' influence, cool and with a slow strut. Electric bass, electric piano, upright piano, and available with either a Sax lead line or a Flute lead line.

Entspannter, Ambient Piano Track mit vereinzelten akustischen Gitarren und sanften Pads. Melancholisch, zärtlich, impressionistisch, einladend. Zeit für ruhiges Nachdenken. Semi-Klassik, errinnert an die Werke von Erik Satie und Brian Eno. Auch als Alternativ-Version ohne Pads erhältlich, nur mit Piano und Gitarre.




Sehr cool und selbstbewusst, Uptempo-Techno-Groove. Wie kleine Teilchen von Maschinen, in perfekter Synchronisation und rhythmischer Bewegung. Ideal für Produkt-Präsentation, spannendes und kribbliges Filmmaterial, Sport, Extremsport, Training, Bewegung, Tanz-Clubs etc. Fast schon übermütig.

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