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283 Gemafreie Musiktitel
906 (GEMA-Repertoire)

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254. Dark Ages Undertow 03:29

Low level, dark drama underscore. Suspenseful, suggestive. Cello, piano, subtle horns and string section. Intrigue, drama, personal conflict. Good as background for drama or dialogue in thriller, horror or any dark, serious film scene.

Music for drama, film or personal themes. Piano, strings, cello, very subtle brass. Uplifting but with slight mystery and anticipation; as if a promise of adventures to come. Good for opening sequence for personal drama film and more.

258. Dream Bell 03:17

There is something strangely reassuring and comforting about the completely random way in which rain drops fall on water, or wind chimes play in the wind. This aural painting aims to capture that unpredictable, random nature. The lack of any system or recognizeable pattern instills calmness and clears the mind.

This piece moves through various sections of chinese inspired ambient and rhythmic music. Some melodic elements (Chinese main theme), but also some sections with just background ambience and Chinese percussion.

260. Lucid Dreams 07:00

Ambient and relaxing with soaring piano/string and an underlying peaceful synth arpeggio pulse. Has a gentle, slightly nostalgic or wistful tone. Suitable for relaxation, meditation, spa treatment, reiki, healing, yoga etc

261. Reunion 02:40

Melancholic, reflective, open ambient soundscape. After about a minute a solitary acoustic guitar joins and plays a few expressive notes. Originally inspired by the touching re-union of two elderly men, war heroes who had not seen each other for 50 years after fighting together during WW2, remembering fallen friends.

262. Silent Visitor 02:46

Dark ambient track for underscore use in horror, sci-fi or thriller material. Few notes, occasional reverberant metallic percussion, single deep bass note, heavily processed guitar sound in the distance.

263. Sun Willow 05:18

Warm, tender, calm, spiritual, soothing and romantic. Ambient relaxation music with piano, strings, acoustic guitar. Suitable for spa treatment, healing, reiki, yoga, pilates, nature, etc.

264. The Freeze 02:40

Sehr dezenter Underscore. Kratzende Pads, kaum wahrnehmbare Resonanzen. Ein Ort des Unbehagens und der Krankheit, Schleichen, Verstecken. Großartig für Science-Fiction, Thriller und Horror-Kulisse.

283 Gemafreie Musiktitel
906 (GEMA-Repertoire)
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