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387 Gemafreie Musiktitel
972 (GEMA-Repertoire)

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A warm ambient/pop-rock track with a soft rock sound. The track starts with a warm electric piano and sparse electric guitar. Guitar and drums enter after a while, creating a slowly swaying, tender and rich ambient/pop feel. Very relaxing. Emotional, tasteful, caring, true.

211. Funky Jingle 01:38

A TV/Radio jingle. Energetic, positive fun and quirky. A complete 1 minute version is logically prepared to be used in 15 / 30 seconds formats. The track also includes "instrument" parts separated in to groups for easy integration and manipulation.

215. Surfin Beach Party 02:58

Energetisch, fröhlich und lebhaft, 1960er Surf Titel mit Gitarren getränkt in Tremolos und Reverbs, Orgel, Bass, Schlagzeug und Spaß in der Sonne, Beach-Party Stimmung.

221. Drive 02:10

Positive, uplifting track with a driving electric guitars, edgy acoustic guitars groovy bass, rock drums and pop atmosphere of success and inspiration. Good for sports, commercial, corporate usage, promo, trailer.

( blues mambo) grand piano, electric bass, drums, acoustic guitar, electric piano, B-3 organ, trumpets, saxes, trombones, percussion; Your woman is laying down the law on this one, man! Better listen up!

387 Gemafreie Musiktitel
972 (GEMA-Repertoire)
          9             >] von 55

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