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156 BPM 1/2


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11 Gemafreie Musiktitel
22 (GEMA-Repertoire)

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14. Tribe 04:05

starker Rocktrack mit griffigen Riffs, verschiedenste Wendungen, im B-Part gibts akustische Gitarren, im 2.Teil kommen Synth-Pads und Funk-Gitarren dazu. Viele Stimmungen und Texturen.

17. mars calling earth 02:56

dark, sinister rock track that mixes strings, a hypnotic drum groove and big guitars. the music goes from unnerving & foreboding to epically heavy & intense. very drama-soaked & cinematic. would thriller/horror/sports type projects

25. Steamhammer 04:18

Ten seconds of synth bass drama hail the entrance of monolithic downtuned monster guitars pile in and the riff-fest begins. The verse section's groove is based on a huge massive bass pulse groove and intriguinly mysterious synth pads. The chorus melds big guitars with a string section playing eastern scales....all quite exotic. As the mid 8 comes, the strings take over and add to the tension. Finally a searing lead guitar enters and plays, all the while building the tension, until the end, when the strings say goodbye.

11 Gemafreie Musiktitel
22 (GEMA-Repertoire)
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