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217 Gemafreie Musiktitel
365 (GEMA-Repertoire)

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Upbeat, lively and playful Irish traditional tune. Driving acoustic guitar accompanies fast paced fiddle in a toe tapping popular Irish reel. Heard a lot in pub sessions, this is a real attention catcher of a tune guaranteed to get you up out of your chair. 100% live performance.

Bucks Of Oranmore (No Bodhran)

Amelie und Friends auf Reisen: Gefühlvolles, perlendes Klavier gepaart mit träumerischen, bildhaften Melodien für schöne Momente und sentimentale Rückschauen. Vermittelt Frieden, Hoffnung, Leichtigkeit, Romantik, Sanftheit und lenkt den Fokus auf die kleinen aber wesentlichen Dinge im Leben.

A Wonderful Day (Grand Piano 2) - Gemafreie Musik

Cinematic Western orchestral music, grandiose and full of the pioneering spirit with an authentic vintage old-west sound and feel. Performed live and ideal for old-west movies, travel vignettes, historical dramas or any frontier themed media project.

Prairie Town Morning

A somewhat celtic sounding folk dance tune, Reminescent of medieval ages / middle ages, perhaps a gathering at the local inn, or just the musical backdrop to a historical / fantasy world, Think "Ye Olde Barrel", old England, Ireland or Scotland, Could also be a Pirates' drinking song,

Crooked Corsair Inn (No Percussion Version)
24. Eternal Shift 04:23

Slow, driving beat, atmospheric ambient electronic new age piece with an ethnic flair. Heavy bass synth and drums with mysterious, lush pads/layers, Native American Lakota flute melodies, distant shamanic vocals. Good 4 nature scenes & spacious visuals, & many things mysterious & tribal.

Eternal Shift
217 Gemafreie Musiktitel
365 (GEMA-Repertoire)
1 >] von 24