What types of usage are not covered by a standard license?

In the following cases, we ask you to request an individual license deal:

  • You would like to license tracks for an audio-only cd
  • Our music should become the main part of your product, e.g. derivative music
  • You want to use our tracks in a video or computer game.
  • Resale of on-hold music
  • You need one track in several videos (Tutorials) or as an intro or outro for more than one film
  • Making available our tracks on-their-own, e.g. not within your product

Can I upload videos to youtube or other video platforms?

Yes, indeed. Uploading videos with licensed royalty free music the is completely royalty free as underscore is covered, even by our standard license. We would like, if you could give us credit, e.g. Music: Song name, Composer, www.proudmusiclibrary.com!

For using PRO-registered Tracks you will get all relevant informations by your local collecting society.

Movie with Proud Music released – Mille Miglia – The Spirit of a legend

The Myth “Mille Miglia”: First Feature-Length Documentary About The World’s Most Legendary Car Race Celebrates Its Premiere today
– On the 80th Anniversary of the famous Mille Miglia the documentary “The Spirit of a Legend” will be shown as a world premiere in the northern Italian city of Brescia, the venue of this traditional race
– The soundtrack for this 90-minute film produced by Philip Selkirk and Stephan Heimann was contributed by the music label Phazz-a-delic (“De-Phazz“) and the music label Proud Music (Alexander Talmon & Stefan Peter Roos).