Temp Track

In the film industry the term temp track means tracks, which are used by the cutter or director to test different impressions/moods of the music/screen-combination before composing the final soundtrack.


E.g., a temp track allows a cost-saving and risk-free trial and error of different types of music and cutting rates. Afterwards the temp tracks will be replaced by the specially composed and produced music.


The Proud Music Library affords the possibility to use temp tracks also for royalty free music. You can download preview versions of all our titles, use those as temp tracks for your projects, test different styles of music and titles and then select the final choice.


The term “bumper” and its synonyms “opener” or “showopener” means a short audio logo without a following music bed in the context of radio broadcasting. It is played regularly to open a broadcast or rubric. Through the bumper the current program is being closed on the one hand, and on the other hand, it helps getting back the attention of the viewers by its recognition value. Thus bumpers help structuring the program flow.

Typical applications for bumpers are newscasts, traffic message channel and weather.

Closer / Stinger

A “closer” or “stinger” is the antonym to “bumper” and “opener” in the world of radio broadcasting. Jingles are called “closer”, if they end a moderation. “Stingers” are often used in never-ending loops like music beds for announcements. At the end of the announcement a stinger is played for to signalise the viewer acoustically the end of the part in a content.

An example: During a radio newscast a report of a correspondent is inserted. At the end of the report a closer or stinger is used for that. The viewer realises the change back to the studio.


Under the name CELAS the german collecting society GEMA (Gesellschaft für musikalische Aufführungs- und mechanische Vervielfältigungsrechte) and the british MCPS-PRS (Mechanical Copyright Protection Society – Performing Right Society) Alliance offer since january 2007 a conjointly licensing possibility for music repertoire of the EMI Music Publishing company. The particularity of the CELAS is the unique possibility to acquire a pan-european license for the repertoire of the major EMI Music Publishing. The CELAS shall at this become the main point of contact for transnational online licensing.

Music Briefing

Music briefing is to work out the specifications of the music tracks needed for a project, e.g. film, spot, commercials. An example for a project in this context might be a briefing for the music creation of an advertising spot.

The music briefing usually consists of two parts:

1. Specifications about the product and surroundings, in which context the music shall be inserted. (Music briefing in the broader sense)

This specifications define the promotional surroundings, the desired emotionality, the target group, the application area (which medium is used) and the core elements of the brand strategy.

2. Specifications regarding musical attributes. (Music briefing in a narrower sense)

Those might be original musical attributes like the atmosphere, the arrangement, the character, tempo and instrumentation. In this process it is not unusual to use so calles temp tracks – well known productions – to define moods, characters and other attributes to produce a sounds-like-composition.

Based on the music briefing our Proud Music Library can offer either tracks to license, if they fit. The other possibility is to offer you an individual production and composition after the conditions of the music briefing. An accurate music briefing thus is a big factor of success for the whole audiolevel of the product.

Are licences by Proud Music for unlimited use?

The Advertising (Online) license, Reproduction license, the Public Address license and the Standard license are granted world wide for an unlimited period of time. The Advertising (TV) license and Advertising (Radio&Cinema) license stay valid one year.