Online library update: 15 new tracks online!

New tracks online by AndrĂ© Schröder and Oliver Scheffner!

click and listen:

Frozen moments
The colours
Three stones (Talkover)
Blue summer (extended)
New generation (extended)
Just tryin
Keep on shining
Waitin 4 the sleep 2 come
Watching humans on planet earth Var.1
Watching humans on planet earth
Blue summer
Blue summer (Mix)
Blue summer (Mix) II
New generation

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New sort options

Several new sort options have been added to the main search engine. You can now search directly for royalty free music by a specific composer. Quick answers to questions like “Are there any tracks in this genre by the composer whose music I already licensed (and presumably liked his/her style)?”.
Furthermore, results can now always be grouped by composer. Another new option is the possibility to sort by track length, e.g. to rule out short production music shots when looking for longer tracks for a cd compilation.

Customers who licensed this track did also license these tracks

You already know this feature from many online shops – now we have got it, too đŸ™‚

We show you other customer’s recommendations in the search engine of our Proud Music Library, based on their licensed tracks, if there is enough relevant info available – on the track details view of each track. We think this, this will become a helpfull new way of navigating through our library for royalty free music.

As soon as you have found the first potentially matching tracks, you can test these recommendations in addition to the already established “related tracks” search, so have more cross links to alternative suggestions.

This feature can be tested easily: just click on our charts, then on “details” for a random track in the charts. In the bottom lower right corner you will find a list of recommended tracks.

Online library update: 20 new tracks online!

The artists for royalty free music AndrĂ© Schröder and Oliver Scheffner recorded new electronic tracks! Hats off and listen:

1000 Stimmen 2 (Talkover)
Demon (Talkover)
Black Mirror (Dark mix)
Black Mirror (Talkover)
Clean (Talkover)
Nur geträumt (Talkover)
Nur geträumt (Dream Mix)
Another night at the wormhole Var.1
Atrophied desire (Intro)
Cyber romance Var.1
Ease my pain
Eternal emoceans Var. 2
Eternal emoceans
Falling shadows
Gazing at the stars
Rainy sunday
Road to Ixolomania (Intro)

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Royalty free music Update: AndrĂ© Schröder and Alexander Talmon keep the tracks coming!

22 new tracks online by AndrĂ© Schröder and Alexander Talmon. Genre: world-ethno, electronic music.

You will find the tracks by clicking on “New Tracks” or:

Alien smalltalk
Nasty kid
My Saftwerk
Groovin@the electro lounge
MPP my personal powerplant
Gazing at the stars Var.1
Back to bouzuki
Fiddlin moose
Talking drums
The funny dark beatle
China in your hand
Alles für die cutz
Another night at the wormhole (Intro)
Another night at the wormhole
Atrophied desire
Cyber romance
Deep down in the jazz lab
China in your hand 2
Pakistan breakfast

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New royalty free music released by AndrĂ© Schröder, Frank Herrlinger and Alexander Talmon!

17 new tracks online by the composers AndrĂ© Schröder, Frank Herrlinger and Alexander Talmon. Genres: filmtunes, games soundtracks, world ethno and breakbeats.

You find this royalty free music on our side New Tracks, too.