O que é uma royalty-free stock music library?

royalty-free music for timelapse videos

Stock Music é uma alternativa acessível ao uso de música familiar em um filme promocional, vídeo corporativo ou comercial.

Foi produzido especificamente para utilização em produções audiovisuais e áudio.

Stock Music também é muito frequentemente utilizado como música de fundo em lojas, hotéis ou aeroportos.

Royalty-free Music for airports

A Proud Music Library licencia sistemas de som para usar música como música de fundo.

No passado, a música de stock era entregue em CD no formato de áudio Red Book para permitir uma entrada fácil e uma sincronização rápida. Hoje, o download simples de uma faixa de música do estoque online. A maioria das músicas oferecidas em bibliotecas de música são registradas em uma sociedade de gestão coletiva, por exemplo, ASCAP, BMI, SOCAN, PRS, SIAE, PRS e APRA. São cobradas taxas adicionais pela execução pública ou reprodução mecânica.

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Na Proud Music Library você vai encontrar um monte de música royalty-free stock. Cerca de 1/3 da música (cerca de 10.500 músicas, Fev. 2018) está livre de PRO. Isto significa que os autores não são afiliados a nenhuma sociedade de gestão colectiva e que a Orgulhosa Music Library permite o exercício dos direitos.

What is archive music?

Archive Music is music that is produced specifically for the soundtrack of industrial films, television and feature films, commercials, etc. In principle, publishers of archive music like the Proud Music Libary assist in the selection of appropriate music. For this reason the Proud Music Library established a awesome search engine to find a piece of music very fast and to license this music track for commercial projects.

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For the term archive music is often the term stock music used. In the Proud Music Library you find roundabout 30,000 tracks of archive music (Feb. 2015). Some tracks are not registered with any domestic or foreign collecting society. These tracks are marked as “completely royalty-free music”, which not means “music for free” or “free music”.

Royalty-free music and production music
Proud Music Library (Royaly-free music and archive music)


How many music titles does the Proud Music Library include?

Every week, Proud Music Library adds 40 to 100 tracks to its collection. If you click on the search button under the menu tab, you can see how many we offer at this time. Through this search, you have access to all titles available, and may also verify the actual number of titles. Here, you may also obtain a general idea of which titles are licensed as completely royalty free music.

Showreel by Imagine People with Music by Manuel Kempter.

Imagine People produced a corporate film to promote the myriad of areas covered by their projects. They selected electro-pop music for its background, which is a form of granular synthesis created through sampling. In this particular showreel, the group from the Netherlands chose a work called “Doll Shopping” (completely royalty free music) by Manuel Kempter, one of the composers you can find in the Proud Music Library.

Showreel Imagine People from Imagine People on Vimeo.

How many tracks does the Proud Music Library contain?

The Proud Music Library increases its number of tracks by 40 to 100 on a near daily basis. The current size of the library can be seen by clicking “search” in the navigation bar at the top of the par and then clicking “search” on the menu button. Next, a list of all available tracks in the library is shown, including the numbers of tracks available completely royalty-free and pro-registered. This way, it is possible to get a good idea of which music titles can be licensed completely royalty free.

Chaz Sands Invitational 2010 Highlights with music from Proud Music

GM Productions licensed the royalty free track “Ways Var. 1” for the trailer “Chaz Sands Invitational 2010 Highlights” from the Proud Music Library (Producer/Composer: Alexander Talmon). This track builds up a contineous tention, dressed in a orchestral robe, highlighted with pulsating electronic sequences. In alignment to this,the cutter of this film chose his scenic structure. Particularly the electronic accentuations of the track are skillfully reflected in the film. This trailer shows how music could be a perfect help to cut a film intuitively.

Chaz Sands Invitational 2010 Highlights from Michael Todd on Vimeo.

More than 8200 royalty free tracks online!

The Proud Music team brought 4000 more royalty free music tracks online this year. The Proud Music Library contains more than 8200 complete tracks for online licensing. A lot of tracks are supported with loops, stingers, intro/outro and endings.