Over 22,000 music titles in our library!

Proud Music continuously updates its music content, and is excited to announce that you may now enjoy over 22,000 music titles from its library!

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Proud Music Library for royalty-free music and production music

We offer a wide range of music styles and genres, e.g. rock (1411 songs), pop (1892 songs), jazz (1932 songs), classical (858 songs), metal (712 songs), film (5404 songs), and blues (247 Songs). As were this not enough, Proud Music also licenses production music. Because we are the owner of the copyrights to the music we sell, you will save time and money, with the added bonus of perpetually using an original theme as you please, whether it is as background music for an advertisement on radio or TV, a film, or a video game.


Hot tracks in the production music library

On the page “Hot tracks”  you will  find the hottest 500 tracks at the moment in our Proud Music Library. This chart changes daily to give you an up to date impression on what is hot on our platform. This is much more dynamic than the All-Time-Charts that are also available.

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What is Production Music?

“Production music” is basically defined by two core attributes – in content and in a legal attribute.

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1. Production music is pre-cleared-music:

Production music is planned to be used in audiovisual products. A large part of the necessary rights can be clarified previously by a music publisher. The rights clearance can thus be cost- and time-saving.

Production Music is offered by production music libraries, these are music publishers who act primary as supplier for the media industry. The Proud Music Library Publishing has a large online content especially for the media sector. It is easily to handle per search engine.

Production Music
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2. Production music has a special applicability to be connected with visual media:

Not every music style is suitable for the use in media productions. Production music however is picked out in respect of the different requirements of media producers/companies. In our Proud Music Library you can search for different attributes like mood, character, instrumentation or tempo – depending on what style of music your current production requires.

Proud Music Library
Proud Music Library