Como baixar música royalty free para experimentar música gratuitamente?

Royalty-free Music for background music

Para fazer o download gratuito de música royalty free, crie uma conta em nossa Proud Music Library. Você pode então baixar todas as faixas da Biblioteca musical Proud, para testá-las em seu projeto ou para apresentar algumas faixas aos seus clientes. O download não te vai custar nada. O ficheiro mp3 também não apita! No entanto, a qualidade é reduzida para evitar abusos. Não use uma faixa sem uma licença da Proud Music Library – seja justo!

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Production music - Proud Music Library

How and in what formats will the sound files be delivered?

They will be delivered as high quality MP3 files and Wav-files via eMail download links:

CD-Wav, 44,1 KHz, 16bit, uncompressed
mp3, 320 kbit/s (best possible mp3 quality)
mp3, 128 kbit/s (ready for web use)

Proud Music Library for Royalty-free Music

The WAVE file format is a container format. It is used for the digital storage of audio data. It is based on the Resource Interchange File Format (RIFF) defined by Microsoft for Windows. A WAVE file contains information about its format before the audio data.

It usually contains so-called PCM raw data. These are time-discrete and value-discrete representations of the temporal course of a signal. The quality of the sound then depends on the sampling rate (number of samples per time unit) and the resolution (bit depth). For compressed data, the method is also relevant, e.g. ADPCM or MP3.

In contrast to the similar AIFF format, WAV does not store ID3 tags.

Ses dosyalar� nas�l ve hangi formatlarda teslim edilecek?

EMail indirme baÄ�lantÄ�larÄ� ile yüksek kalitede MP3 dosyalarÄ� ve Wav dosyalarÄ� olarak teslim edilecektir:

CD-Wav, 44,1 KHz, 16 bit, sÄ�kÄ�ştÄ�rÄ�lmamÄ�ş
mp3, 320 kbit / s (mümkün olan en iyi mp3 kalitesi)
mp3, 128 kbit / sn (web kullanÄ�mÄ� için hazÄ�r)

What means “1000 physical units” in the standard-license?

If you like to license music from the Proud Music Library e.g. for a corporate video, which is used for trade fairs or the company’s website and offered to be downloaded, the standard-license will cover this kind of use. Regardless of how often the video is downloaded or replayed. The limitation of 1000 units is just refering to physical units such as DVDs, CDs or memory sticks. If you want to offer your product via download, please get in contact us with an e-mail to [email protected] for an individual license.

How long does it take?

Within seconds after submitting your license request to the Proud Music Library, you will receive an eMail with download links for the licensed track, so you can use the tracks with no delay. You then will receive another eMail with the license documents directly on the day of your purchase.

Royalty-free Music and Production Music by Proud Music
Royalty-free Music and Production Music by Proud Music