Hot tracks in the production music library

On the page “Hot tracks”  you will  find the hottest 500 tracks at the moment in our Proud Music Library. This chart changes daily to give you an up to date impression on what is hot on our platform. This is much more dynamic than the All-Time-Charts that are also available.

Royalty-free music and production music
Proud Music Library (Royaly-free music and production music)

Check out Proud Music hot tracks!

Improvements to the media player

We have just made some more changes to the library. This time we focussed on the mediaplayer:

1. The player now shows behind every trackname whether this track is registered with a royalty collecting society or completely royalty free music. This is just another way of displaying this information, in addition to the different colours of tracks in the search listing and the PRO label within each tracks metadata. This should save you some scrolling, if this information is important to you – depending on the medium you work for.

2. We changed the size of the media player, it is now considerably larger. So now a lot more tracks fit into the playlist at once without scrolling.

We do hope, that these improvements make researching for the best music to fit your project much more comfortable and easy to use!

If you have suggestions, please call us or send us a mail, we need to know, so we can fix it! Thank you!