Um jingle é muitas vezes descrito como um slogan curto com uma melodia memorável. Usado na transmissão de rádio, mas também em comerciais de televisão. Um jingle é ótimo, quando os consumidores se lembram dele – talvez até mesmo toda a vida.royalty-free music for timelapse videos

Isto significa que um jingle tem de ser silencioso e emocional para o seu propósito. Por exemplo..: Os jingles para um espetáculo esportivo devem ser variados, motivados e até o ponto. Um jingle para um programa de notícias deve ser esplêndido, poderoso e às vezes elevado.


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como un eslogan con una melodía

Un jingle es a menudo descrito como un eslogan corto con una melodía memorable. Utilizado en la transmisión de radio, pero también en anuncios de televisión. Un jingle es genial, cuando los consumidores lo recuerdan – tal vez incluso toda su vida.

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Esto significa que un jingle tiene que ser tranquilo y emocional para su objetivo. Por ejemplo..: Los jingles para un espectáculo deportivo deben ser variados, motivados y hasta el punto. Un jingle para un programa de noticias debe ser espléndido, poderoso y a veces elevado.

música para jingles

En la Proud Music Library encontrará mucha música para jingles. Alrededor de 1/3 de la música (alrededor de 10,500 canciones, Feb. 2018) es PRO-free. Esto significa que los autores no están afiliados a ninguna sociedad de gestión colectiva y Proud Music Library permite ejercer los derechos.

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Music Bed – Underscore

A music bed, also known as underscore, is a term that originates from the radio. It is understood as the background music or jingle behind an announcement, for example. Although both terms are basically synonyms, the difference lies therein, in that the latter is background music specifically created for a project, usually a movie or a TV show. Such music is usually constant in mood, and is played as a loop.

Examples of these are a number of songs and music themes from the 1980s. MTV was relatively new at the time, so that songs were promoted through soap operas. Kissing scene? There was a theme or a song people identified it with, as was the case of Bo and Hope in the long running American soap opera Days of Our Lives.


A jingle is often described as a short slogan with a memorable melody. Used in broadcast on radio, but also on television commercials. A jingle is great, when the consumers remember it – maybe even their entire life.

This means that a jingle has to be quiete emotional for his aspired aim. E.g.: Jingles for a sports-show should be eventful, motivated and “sappy”. A jingle for a news-show should be splendid, mighty and at times elevated.

Closer / Stinger

A “closer” or “stinger” is the antonym to “bumper” and “opener” in the world of radio broadcasting. Jingles are called “closer”, if they end a moderation. “Stingers” are often used in never-ending loops like music beds for announcements. At the end of the announcement a stinger is played for to signalise the viewer acoustically the end of the part in a content.

An example: During a radio newscast a report of a correspondent is inserted. At the end of the report a closer or stinger is used for that. The viewer realises the change back to the studio.