Commissioned music productions

Commissioned productions

Although the Proud Music Library has a catalogue of several tens of thousands of finished music titles, every now and then the presentation of customers is so special that we also do commissioned productions. As a rule, the customer also commissions a commissioned composition at the same time.

The briefing

After a workshop with the orderer or customer, a layout is worked out as precisely as possible and fixed in writing (briefing). Here it is also clarified whether it should be a PRO-free-composition. This is the case if the authors have not concluded an agreement with a Performance rights organisation (PRO) or a collecting society (e.g. ASCAP, PRS, STEMRA, SOCAN, SIAE, SGAE, GEMA) with regard to the administration of mechanical reproduction rights and performance rights. Sometimes multiple layouts are created.

The pre-production

A layout is a pre-production of the commissioned composition in order to get an idea of the type and scope of the main production. In particular, the tempo, length and above all the instrumentation will be clarified. An arrangement is already being worked out to speed up the development process for the later main production.

The main production

The main production should be characterised by the artistic work, according to which the sound recordings are in the foreground here, i.e. the arrangement should no longer play a major role in this process, but clearly indicate the direction of the production. Studio time costs money and so do the musicians. Any “tinkering” with the arrangement can slow down the actual production, which can be cost-intensive.

The acceptance

After completion of the main production, the commissioned production is presented to the customer for acceptance. As a rule, there are hardly any improvements, provided that everything has already been sufficiently recorded in the planning. Since a contract production is a contract for work, the acceptance of the work is part of the main obligation of the work orderer. According to § 640 BGB (German Civil Code), a work is also deemed to have been accepted if the Contractor has set the Customer a reasonable deadline for acceptance after completion of the work and the Customer has not refused acceptance within this deadline, stating at least one defect.

Granting of rights

A commissioned production is worth nothing if the customer is not granted the necessary rights of use. These rights are called exploitation rights, which are usually granted exclusively in the case of a commissioned production.

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Where to find Stock Music in the Proud Music Library

What Stock Music is

Stock Music is Production Music and an inexpensive alternative to the use of popular music in an AV production, e.g. music that is known through music charts. The use of well-known music titles is generally costly, as the publishers or authors are willing to pay for the rights of use due to their popularity. In some cases, rights holders do not release music catalogues at all.

Production music for commercial projects by Proud Music
Production Music

Where Stock Music is used

In addition, royalty-free stock music has been specially produced for use in audio and audiovisual productions (hence production music), i.e. for radio and television programmes, trailers, commercials and jingles, film and video game soundtracks, cinematic sounds, corporate & educational presentations, websites, computer games or otherwise. Multimedia applications (apps, DVD menu, radio play, etc.). Stock music is also often used as (partly gema-free) background music, e.g. behind a dialogue field or as underscore.

Earlier royalty-free stock music was usually shipped on CD in Red Book audio format as Production Music to allow easy cueing and fast synchronization. Today “Stock Music” is available for download.

Production music, stock music, archive music
Instrumental rock music for commercials (Radio, TV, cinema, Point-of-sale)

What role do Performance Rights Organisations (PRO) play in stock music

Most providers of stock music with professional sound have composers under contract who have a perceptual contract with a collecting society or so called PRO (PRO=Performance Rights Organisation, e.g. ASCAP, BMI, SOCAN, GEMA, SIAE, PRS or APRA. Stock music in this context is often referred to as royalty-free music, which should also not be confused with ASCAP-free music or PRO-free. For public performance or mechanical reproduction, additional fees are charged.

The music catalogue of the Proud Music Library also contains production music by composers who do not have a performing contract with a domestic or foreign collecting society. Music by these authors is referred to as Completely Royalty-free Music. Nevertheless, this repertoire of Stock Music of renowned artists from all over the world is hand-picked by our own Artist&Repertoire Management. Many of them have e.g. composed and produced music for AAA-Games.

Proud Music Library Preview Downloads

Where to find Stock Music?

In the music catalogue of the Proud Music Library you will find a lot of stock music. The portfolio of pre-cleared Production Music is very broad with 140 different genres. The selection of arrangements, instrumentations (ukulele, accordion, Mongolian horse-head fiddle) and instrumentations leaves nothing to be desired.

More than 11,300 music titles (as of Feb. 2019) are GEMA-free and marked as such in Proud Music’s Stock Music Library. The current overview (more than 33,500 tracks) can be found here!

Royalty-free music and production music
Proud Music Library (Royaly-free music and production music)

What is a royalty-free stock music library?

royalty-free music for timelapse videos
royalty-free music for timelapse videos

Stock Music is an affordable alternative to the use of well-known music in a promotional film, corporate video or commercial spot.

It has been produced specifically for the use in audio and audiovisual productions. Stock Music is also very often used as background music in stores, hotels or airports. The Proud Music Library offers licenses for sound systems to use the music as background music.

Royalty-free Music for airports
Royalty-free Stock Music for airports, hotels and malls

In the past stock music was delivered on CD in the Red Book audio format to allow easy cueing and rapid synchronization. Today, simple download a stock music track online. The most tracks that are provided by stock music libraries are registered with a collecting society, for example, ASCAP, BMI, SOCAN, PRS, SIAE, PRS and APRA. For this there are extra fees for the public performance or mechanical reproduction.

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In the Proud Music Library you will find plenty of royalty-free stock music. About 1/3 of music (about 10,500 songs,  Feb. 2018) is completely royalty-free stock music (PRO-free) and as such also featured.




What is the “Online Advertising” license for?

Production Music – more important than ever

At the moment we are experiencing a whole new era in Production Music. Twenty years ago, pre-cleared licenses had their main market in providing music for commercials broadcast almost exclusively on TV or in the cinema.


The unstoppable change

Today, the focus has shifted dramatically to online usage in recent years. This does not include missions in short commercials, such as pre-, mid- or post-rolls. Especially viral videos make up the bulk here. Content marketing in the form of small video clips still needs (fortunately, ;-)) music as a important background element.


The license ‘Online advertising’ makes it possible for everyone

Therefore, we have developed the license ‘Online Advertising’, which allows the following uses:

  • Use of a song in one (1) social media video
  • Unlimited Time, wordwide
  • Applies to all social media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Vimeo, etc.
  • The own website is of course not excluded.

Only additional uses (e.g., in-stream advertising as post-, mid-, or pre-rolls) or infomercials are not covered by this license.


production music
archive music is also known as production music

Archive music is also known as stock music or production music. For further questions on the subject it is best if you write us at

How to download royalty free music for free to test the music?

Royalty-free Music for background music
Royalty-free Music for background music in an plane

To download royalty free music for free, please create an account in our Proud Music Library. Then you can download all tracks from the Proud Music Library, to test them in your project or to introduce some tracks to your customers. The download will costs you nothing. The mp3 file has also no beep! However, the quality is a reduced to avoid abuse. Do not use a track without a Proud Music Library License. Be fair!

Production music - Proud Music Library



Fair film

royalty-free music for timelapse videos

A fair film is part of a professional marketing mix as well. There are basically two types of fair films. On the one hand, there are films that are shown at the fair itself. These are usually about promotional films that portray a mixture of product presentations and image films, or rather industry films. The fair film should awaken people’s curiosity so that the visitor lingers longer at a stand. On the other hand there are films about a fair event where, for example, the fair itself or a company’s stand is presented. Should any clients appear in a film, it is necessary to clear up his personal rights beforehand!

Proud Music Library
Proud Music Library

The purpose of a fair film is precisely that of an image film, namely to portray a company in a positive light, and also to present the product portfolio. Hence, when planning a stand it is important to consider that there is a fair area where the fair film can be projected as eye catcher with public appeal. Therefore, avoid projecting fair films from a laptop. In addition, bear in mind the volume and quality of the tones/sounds with respect to the general noise at the fair. The best option is to show the fair film in a soundproof cabin with high quality loudspeakers. Should you do without a cabin, make sure that, under such circumstances, the fair film can be projected for several days at the stand. This may have quite a soporific effect on staff members at the stand and lead to annoyance if they listen continuously to the same music or tone. This would be simply avoided by the use of a soundproof cabin. Besides, the following should be regarded: The bigger the film – shown with a projector, for example -, the bigger the number of observers. Incidentally, here the choice of music is crucial. By no means may it sound “cheap”. It is recommendable not to use that which is employed in product presentations such as point-of-sales in superstores, at fairs.

Production music, stock music, archive music
Instrumental rock music for commercials (Radio, TV, cinema, Point-of-sale)

In the case of a fair or industrial film, the theme should be emotionally taken up, that is to say, that it is preferable for it to have animated or visual portrayals, rather than contain a great deal of spoken text.


Background music for airports, hotels, shopping malls and department stores

Royalty-free Music for AirportsWe offer worldwide licenses for the use of more than 6,000 6,400 songs from the Proud Music Library as background music for airports, hotels, lobbies, shopping malls, supermarkets and department stores. No rights to the songs consist of any collecting society (ASCAP-free, PRS-free, GEMA-free, etc.)! The Performance Rights have already been resolved by us. You pay a one-time fixed price and no further charges.

Currently there are approximately 316 hours (15 days) in the music library from which you can freely choose what music you want to use as background music. The minimum purchase of music is for a total of a 48 hours duration. That’s about 900 songs.

For every purchase you will receive a license document. This document allows the perpetual use of licensed music as background music for your venue or establishment (airport, hotel, department store or shopping mall). For more information, please contact us: Or by phone: +49 (0) 6132-4308830

What is a promotional video?

A promotional or promo video is an effective tool used to market a particular product or service. It can be in the form of a corporate video or a music video. Nowadays, it has become popular among non-profit organizations as well to promote awareness about their cause. Such is the case with the Make-A-Wish Foundation, the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, the American Breast Cancer Society, to name a few. Promotional videos are succinct as their purpose is to provide the most information in the shortest amount of time, and to maintain the viewer’s interest. They can be easily produced as a DVD, viral video, a video bulletin board, or a webisode. Proud Music offers not only suitable music for promo videos, but also the appropriate online advertising license.

Royalty free Music and GEMA-freie Musik

In the Proud Music Library you will find music titles from our music catalogue for royalty-free production music or stock music with the keyword “promotional”, which can be licensed directly online via the Proud Music Library as background music for commercials, ads, TV, films and videos. It is also possible to download mp3 files in reduced quality for free and present them internally. Use is only permitted after the purchase of a license. If you have any questions regarding licensing, please contact us by phone at ++49 (0)6132 43 088 30 or by e-mail at

What is a commercial? How does one license music for it?

What is a commercial?

The Proud Music Library offers music titles for its use in commercials, such as, for example, in promotional films. A commercial is usually, in a nutshell, a promotional production that advertises a product or service. The target is the end user. This happens generally through media such as TV, radio, websites, and mobile phones, commercial spots on DVD or the like.  Data carriers are rarely found.

Music tracks for commercials
Searchmaschine for music that is perfect for commercial use!


commercial music library

In this respect, licensing for the use of music titles from the Proud Music Library is paid in lump sum. This means that the use does not depend on the frequency with which a spot is projected or on its length. There are standardized commercial licenses (for example, for TV or online advertising), which limit the use to one year. The Proud Music Library also offers the so called “buyout” licenses. Just send an individual license request indicating the area of use (worldwide, across Europe, or individual territories), the period of use (one or 2 years), and the degree of dissemination or type of use (TV, Websites, third party site, etc.). License combinations are also possible, which, for example, include only TV/radio, TV/Internet, or Internet/radio.

Proud Music Library
Music tracks for commercials
completely royalty free music means free music for commercial us?

With the use of so called “completely royalty free music” from the Proud Music library there are no charges to pay to any collecting society like ASCAP, BMI, PRS, GEMA, etc.. It means not music for free or gratis music. This is valid also in the case of buyout licenses for royalty-free music! Should the commercial spot be inserted on TV and radio, there would be likewise no charges for the repertoire, as long as the TV or radio station has a flat rate contract with a collecting society.  This also proceeds in the case of cinema advertising, depending on whether the movie theater operator also has, in this case, a flat rate contract with a collecting society.

Royalty-free music and production music for commercials on TV, Radio or Cinema
Royalty-free music for commercials on TV, Radio or Cinema

Does the standard license also include the use of educational videos?

The standard license from our Proud Music Library makes possible the use of music in educational videos as well. This includes the manufacturing rights. It also comprises up to 1000 units of video duplicates. The license is from a temporal and spatial point of view unlimited and is valid for music that doesn’t require, as well as for music that requires copyright.

Royalty-free Music and production music for educational films
Royalty-free Music and production music for educational films