Music Cue Sheet

Cue Sheets are forms submitted to royalty collecting societies with a detailed list of tracks used by a specific audiovisual production. If you have produced a film that is going to be broadcast, you have to fill out a cue sheet and submit it to the royalty collecting society of your country.

The most important list entries on a cue sheet are: track names, playing time of the track, composer and lyricist of the track. If you happen to know a work registration number or the ISWC (International Standard Work Code) or the ISRC (International Standard Record Code) please put in the field, as this helps to avoid mistakes, e.g. due to similar track names or similar composer names.

The royalty collecting society will then use your cue sheet to attribute royalties to the composer of the individual tracks, as most tv broadcast stations have a blanket license with the Royalty Collecting Society of their country. Therefore it is important, to fill out the cue sheet with the information provided by the music licenser. In our case, you’ll get all the information ready for copy&paste in our license document pdf.
Important: The TV stations pay the royalties anyway, this is no additional bill to you, you don’t gain anything by not submitting a cue sheet, only the composer’s won’t be credited their royalties – this is why we kindly ask you to fill out cue sheets.

What does the PRO label mean?

Proud Music Library Preview Downloads

Proud Music has two classes of tracks available for licensing:

1. Tracks, that are not registered with any Royalty Collecting Society or Performance Royalty Organisation (PRO).

These tracks are marked:

PRS: Completely Royalty-Free Music

For these tracks you do not need to submit a cue sheet – unlike other libraries of royalty free music on the net.

2. Tracks, that are registered with a Royalty Collecting Society.

These tracks are marked:

PRS: [Name of a Royalty Collecting Society]

PRS stands for: Performance Royalty Society/Organisation, i.e. the royalty collecting society, where the composer registered this work.

Please ask your client to submit a cue sheet to your Royalty Collecting Society. This is the same procedure with nearly all royalty free music you aquire on the net.

33 new royalty free music tracks in our Proud Music Library online!

In about a few hours the weekend will be here. So, it is time to put some new royalty free music online of the composers Bjarne O., André Schröder, Ivano Icardi, Gambino Paolo, Davide Rosenholz, Emiliano Cinquanta and Silvano Martina.

Just click and listen (Just be patient after clicking the first track. It takes 30 sek.. But then it goes quickly):
Jean Lui
Chinese Twilight
Classic Dance
Just another night in space
Prima O Poi
Little Things
Against all odds
Always thinking of you
Just another night in space Var. 02
Bach and forth
Brave Hearts
Cheating the Hangman
Chinese Grasshopper Song
Chinese Sunrise
Christmas Spirit
Coming Home
Dead or Alive
Just another night in space Var. 01
Passage To India
700 People
Always in my heart
Chasing my demons
A new day
Beyond Fear Hope
Celebration II
Chinese Divine Dance
Chinese Heartbeat

You find more royalty free music on our side New Tracks, too.

19 new royalty free music tracks online for licensing

We put 19 new tracks in our online library. Genres: house, breakbeat, filmmusic, soundscapes. Composers: André Schröder, Markus Holler, Oliver Scheffner and Jørn Lavoll. You find these royalty free music on our side New Tracks.

Or just click and listen:
Boyzgirlz Remix (Mix)
Soccer punches (Alt mix b)
Poppy corny
My 64
Ocean Flowers
No paradise 2
Silent earth
Mystic Voices
Feel too high
The drums the drums
Annas worms
No paradise
Silent earth (Mix)
Silent earth (Talkover)
Funky in space
Brett vor Kopf (Extended)

You find more royalty free music on our side New Tracks, too.

Full text search online

We have reworked the search feature completely in our search machine for royalty free music. The search text input field now provides for the first time on our site a facility for complex search queries.

All the search criteria you could up to now only click on can now be entered into our search field, separated by colons.

So now you can search for two instruments, e.g. saxophon, vibraphon at the same time.

Of course, track names and track descriptions are searched as before.

Further feedback on this or any other feature of our library is, as always, highly welcome!

4 new composers on board and 83 new tracks online

Royalty free music update: We welcome 4 new composers on board. Bjarne O. (Denmark), Anthony Pell (Australia), Simon Brewer (United Kingdom) and Jørn Lavoll (Norway). Furthermore, thera are 83 new tracks for licensing online in our Proud Music Library. You can hear the new tracks in our New Tracks section.