Music Cue Sheet

Cue Sheets are forms submitted to royalty collecting societies with a detailed list of tracks used by a specific audiovisual production. If you have produced a film that is going to be broadcast, you have to fill out a cue sheet and submit it to the royalty collecting society of your country.

The most important list entries on a cue sheet are: track names, playing time of the track, composer and lyricist of the track. If you happen to know a work registration number or the ISWC (International Standard Work Code) or the ISRC (International Standard Record Code) please put in the field, as this helps to avoid mistakes, e.g. due to similar track names or similar composer names.

The royalty collecting society will then use your cue sheet to attribute royalties to the composer of the individual tracks, as most tv broadcast stations have a blanket license with the Royalty Collecting Society of their country. Therefore it is important, to fill out the cue sheet with the information provided by the music licenser. In our case, you’ll get all the information ready for copy&paste in our license document pdf.
Important: The TV stations pay the royalties anyway, this is no additional bill to you, you don’t gain anything by not submitting a cue sheet, only the composer’s won’t be credited their royalties – this is why we kindly ask you to fill out cue sheets.