Related Tracks and Recently Viewed Tracks

We have just now implemented two nice details in our Proud Music Library:

1. A recently viewed tracks box will appear, if you have visited a track details page during your listening session in our search-engine. This makes it easy to return to previously found tracks, if you are listening to a lot of music in a row.

2. There is another reason to click on the details link of a track. We now display related tracks to the one you selected on the details page. If you like a track, simply view its detail page to see, what similar or in a way related tracks we have got. This way you can narrow down your search much easier.

22 remixe by André Schröder online!

The german royalty free music artist André Schröder produced 22 remixes for the Proud Music Library. You can hear his tracks in our New Tracks section or just by clicking here:

1st visit on venus (Extended)
Ticket 2 get wicked (Extended)
Everybody (Extended)
2 fat, 2 strong (Extended)
Amazonia sunset (Extended)
In the sky (Extended)
Ionic Beams (Extended)
kellaa jam (Extended)
L’image du soleil au centre de la lune (Extended)
Beat me (Extended)
Discollage (Extended)
Down the dunes (Extended)
Drop it 2 the rythm (Extended)
eMOTIONS (Extended)
Losing my restriction (Extended)
Manimal @work (Extended)
Orient XPress (Extended)
Parlez-Vous Junglais (Extended)
Plasmadelic vibes (Extended)
Reach my soul (Extended)
Rewind Selector (Extended)
Roll with it (Extended)