What does the license TV-Broadcast means? Why is this license for free use?

Royalty-free Music and Production Music by Proud Music
Free music for TV broadcast

This license “TV-Broadcast” in the Proud Music Library is exclusively for producers of TV productions, such as Television series, editorials, news broadcasts, TV documentaries. Furthermore, the TV-Broadcaster has to have a agreement with his local collecting society. 


Some examples:

1. If a film was produced for American TV broadcaster like ABC, CBS, NBC or PBS, the license is for free use (0.00 USD), if the sender fills out a registration form (cue sheet) and delivers it to the ASCAP and to us.


2. If a film was produced for a British TV broadcaster like BBC the license is for free use (0.00 USD), if the sender fills out a registration form (cue sheet) and delivers it to the PRS and to us.

The license is ONLY valid for the use of a work for TV-Broadcast and TV-Commissioned Productions AND ONLY for Royalty Collecting Society (e.g. ASCAP, PRS, SIAE, GEMA, STEMRA, etc.) licensed TV stations! The Online usage for IPTV & VOD is included. It is required to submit a Cue-Sheet (!) to the TV-station AND Proud Music.

The license is NOT valid for other usages, like web or for Youtube or other video platforms, also facebook.

Proud Music Library for royalty free music
Proud Music Library for royalty free music


For details, please contact us via Mail support@proudmusiclibrary.com



What is and what makes a performance rights organization?

As in the case of the American ASCAP or the Canadian SOCAN, a performance rights organization is responsible of administering and protecting the rights of all composers, performers, songwriters, lyricists, and music publishers from all walks of life. How do they do this? They do it by collecting licensing fees from people who want to perform the music of a particular artist publicly. In other words, the organization collects royalties on behalf of its members. The members of these organizations make a living by doing one or more of the aforementioned. Even though the main purpose is to collect licensing fees, these organizations may also offer workshops and health and instrument insurance.

What means “GEMA-freie Musik”?

The term “GEMA-freie Musik” means completely royalty free music. The composer of  this music is not registered with a collecting society (ASCAP-free, BMI-free, PRS-free, SUISA-free, AKM-free, TONO-free, SIAE-free). The Proud Music Library contains more than 4,500 completely royalty free music for all media: e.g. web, movie, tv, advertising, on hold.