Where can I find instrumental rock in the Proud Music Library?

Instrumental rock was most popular between the mid-1950s to mid-1960s. In this decade Surf music was very popular.

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Instrumental rock music for commercials (Radio, TV, cinema, Point-of-sale)

Many rock guitarists were influenced by The Ventures’ precise guitar work. In the 1970s Progressive rock and art rock performers featured virtuosic instrumental performances. One of the best-selling instrumental albums ever, with 16 millions copies sold is Tubular Bells by Mike Oldfield, released in 1973.



What is archive music?

Archive Music is music that is produced specifically for the soundtrack of industrial films, television and feature films, commercials, etc. In principle, publishers of archive music like the Proud Music Libary assist in the selection of appropriate music. For this reason the Proud Music Library established a awesome search engine to find a piece of music very fast and to license this music track for commercial projects.

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For the term archive music is often the term stock music used. In the Proud Music Library you find roundabout 30,000 tracks of archive music (Feb. 2015). Some tracks are not registered with any domestic or foreign collecting society. These tracks are marked as “completely royalty-free music”, which not means “music for free” or “free music”.

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Proud Music Library (Royaly-free music and archive music)


How to download royalty free music for free to test the music?

Royalty-free Music for background music
Royalty-free Music for background music in an plane

To download royalty free music for free, please create an account in our Proud Music Library. Then you can download all tracks from the Proud Music Library, to test them in your project or to introduce some tracks to your customers. The download will costs you nothing. The mp3 file has also no beep! However, the quality is a reduced to avoid abuse. Do not use a track without a Proud Music Library License. Be fair!

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Do you offer free downloads of royalty-free music?

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Yes, the Proud Music Library do offer the opportunity to try out free downloads of tracks. The quality of a mp3 file is 56 kpps. To download a track without a sound signal, please get a account for free. The use of a song without a license constitutes copyright infringement and is prohibited. Even though the songs are provided as a free download available, they may only be used in public or online when a license was purchased.


The Proud Music Library was founded in 2004 in Germany (Europe). Currently we have a content of more than 26,000 tracks plus more than 16,000 loops, edits and stingers. We also offer licenses for completely roaylty free tracks, where the composers are not registered with any collecting society. Please feel free to check our new search engine.

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