Could you do the research for me, I don’t have the time it takes?

Anyone looking for a suitable music title for a film knows the problem. Only 20 years ago, people were digging through countless CD catalogues, which took several hours.

Production music for commercial projects by Proud Music
Production Music

Thanks to the (fast) Internet, the Proud Music Library was established in 2003 to reduce search costs for media professionals. We offer a comfortable search where the search filter can be set according to about 15 criteria. So far so good. But now we have more than 35,000 music titles in our program. That’s why we offer a free search service for music searches for advertising films, i.e. all films for which an advertising license is relevant. Simply send us your customer briefing and we will search for suitable titles free of charge. You will receive a search result either after one hour or at the latest after 24 hours.

Production Music
Production Music, Stock Music, Royalty free Music and archive music in our Proud Music Library

I have not found what I was looking for. What do you offer?

If you have not found what you were looking for, please let us know. Just send us a short eMail to [email protected] or give us a call at: +49 (0) 6132 / 43 088 30. Being in constant touch with our composers, we can also offer short-term solutions. Like this, we hope to build up a library fitted to the your needs.

Proud Music Library
Proud Music Library

How do I get the best search results?

Three steps that lead to success

Choose only 2-3 attributes which are the most important to you at first. If there are too many results, you can finetune your search by adding further attributes. If you are searching for an attribute combination and the database cannot find any matching tracks it will ignore more and more attributes from right to left in the search interface, starting with tempo, then arrangement, then instruments and so on.

Music tracks for commercials
Proud Music Library for royalty-free music and production music


New media player with waveform view online

"Buccaneers" by Alexander Talmon (Royalty free Music)
Royalty free music by Alexander Talmon


The Proud Music Library has a feature more.

1. All tracks are displayed in the media player with the individual waveform of the track. This allows to jump around within a track. You see significantly at the waveform the dynamic, the quiet and powerful passages in a track.

2. The media player is available on any device, including tablet or iPad. Thus, it can also be operated on a touch screen well.




How many music titles does the Proud Music Library include?

Every week, Proud Music Library adds 40 to 100 tracks to its collection. If you click on the search button under the menu tab, you can see how many we offer at this time. Through this search, you have access to all titles available, and may also verify the actual number of titles. Here, you may also obtain a general idea of which titles are licensed as completely royalty free music.

Access the Proud Music Library Website via Android Smartphone!

The Android 2.2 (FroYo) update for HTC Desire has started rolling out. You can now search, find and listen to the titles on our Proud Music Library Website on your HTC smartphone! The FroYo update for the HTC Desire includes the complete set of Android 2.2 features and contains a few special additions as well.

Proud Music Library / HTC Desire

Online Advertising license

We offer in our Proud Music Library a new license for online usage on advertising spots on webpages of the licensee. This license is valid for main pages and product microsites included. It is also allowed to stream worldwide, no territorial restrictions. The permission for up to three language versions is included.

What means “1000 physical units” in the standard-license?

If you like to license music from the Proud Music Library e.g. for a corporate video, which is used for trade fairs or the company’s website and offered to be downloaded, the standard-license will cover this kind of use. Regardless of how often the video is downloaded or replayed. The limitation of 1000 units is just refering to physical units such as DVDs, CDs or memory sticks. If you want to offer your product via download, please get in contact us with an e-mail to [email protected] for an individual license.