How do I get the best search results?

Three steps that lead to success

Choose only 2-3 attributes which are the most important to you at first. If there are too many results, you can finetune your search by adding further attributes. If you are searching for an attribute combination and the database cannot find any matching tracks it will ignore more and more attributes from right to left in the search interface, starting with tempo, then arrangement, then instruments and so on.

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The arrangement defines how the composition is being performed. Therefore the instruments playing are chosen first. After that, the rhythmic figures of the instruments are defined for to reach the harmonic structure that the composer intends. Usually this is done by notation, but in modern studio productions also by giving audio examples or oral briefings.

In our Proud Music Library you can find many filter functions (like the search for similar tracks) to improve the search results you get. The search screen offers amongst others the selection of different arrangements. This might be for example pop, rock and jazz, but also orchestra arrangements.