What are composers?

Those are the people responsible for bringing music to life from its origins for our enjoyment. They create and experiment with compositions for the theater, television, radio, or film industries, among the various areas, some of which become masterpieces, such as John Williams’ score for the Star Wars films.

Nevertheless, a number of well-known appealing works need not be as lengthy or modern; they may be as simple and memorable as Alan Silvestri’s Forrest Gump’s theme Feather. A composer’s work is protected by copyright laws which state that the music is his property, unless he states otherwise in writing.


The arrangement defines how the composition is being performed. Therefore the instruments playing are chosen first. After that, the rhythmic figures of the instruments are defined for to reach the harmonic structure that the composer intends. Usually this is done by notation, but in modern studio productions also by giving audio examples or oral briefings.

In our Proud Music Library you can find many filter functions (like the search for similar tracks) to improve the search results you get. The search screen offers amongst others the selection of different arrangements. This might be for example pop, rock and jazz, but also orchestra arrangements.


Music Briefing

Music briefing is to work out the specifications of the music tracks needed for a project, e.g. film, spot, commercials. An example for a project in this context might be a briefing for the music creation of an advertising spot.

The music briefing usually consists of two parts:

1. Specifications about the product and surroundings, in which context the music shall be inserted. (Music briefing in the broader sense)

This specifications define the promotional surroundings, the desired emotionality, the target group, the application area (which medium is used) and the core elements of the brand strategy.

2. Specifications regarding musical attributes. (Music briefing in a narrower sense)

Those might be original musical attributes like the atmosphere, the arrangement, the character, tempo and instrumentation. In this process it is not unusual to use so calles temp tracks – well known productions – to define moods, characters and other attributes to produce a sounds-like-composition.

Based on the music briefing our Proud Music Library can offer either tracks to license, if they fit. The other possibility is to offer you an individual production and composition after the conditions of the music briefing. An accurate music briefing thus is a big factor of success for the whole audiolevel of the product.

Does Proud Music do commissioned compositions as well?

Over hundred qualified composers, musicians and producers of all genres are working on the Proud Music Library. So naturally producing commissioned compositions is another business unit of Proud Music, thus we are able to provide you with tailor-made productions to satisfy your needs. Please contact us for further information.

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