What are composers?

Those are the people responsible for bringing music to life from its origins for our enjoyment. They create and experiment with compositions for the theater, television, radio, or film industries, among the various areas, some of which become masterpieces, such as John Williams’ score for the Star Wars films.

Nevertheless, a number of well-known appealing works need not be as lengthy or modern; they may be as simple and memorable as Alan Silvestri’s Forrest Gump’s theme Feather. A composer’s work is protected by copyright laws which state that the music is his property, unless he states otherwise in writing.

The national copyright collecting societies

Here you can find a list of the different copyright collecting societies of our composers and the corresponding links:

Germany: GEMA “Gesellschaft für musikalische Aufführungs- und mechanische Vervielfältigungsrechte” (musical recordings and performances)

Link to the GEMA

Austria: AKM “Autoren, Komponisten, Musikverleger” (lyricists, composers and music publishers)

Link to the AKM (>service>forms & infos in english)

Switzerland: SUISA (Swiss Association for composers rights)

Link to the SUISA


MCPS “Mechanical-Copyright Protection Society” , PRS “Performing Right Society”

Link to the PRS

USA: SESAC “Society of European Stage Authors & Composers”, ASCAP “American Society of Composers, Authors, and Publishers”, BMI ” Broadcast Music Incorporated”

Link to the SESAC

Link to the ASCAP

Link to the BMI

Canada: SOCAN “Society of Composers, Authors and Music Publishers”

Link to the SOCAN

France: SACEM “Société des auteurs compositeurs et éditeurs de musique”

Link to the SACEM

Norway: TONO (Copyright collective for authors and composers of musical works)

Link to the TONO

Italy: SIAE “Società Italiani degli Autori ed Editori”

Link to the SIAE

Ireland: IMRO ” Irish Music Rights Organisation”

Link to the IMRO

New Zealand, Australia: APRA “Australasian Performing Right Association ”

Link to the APRA – New Zealand

Link to the APRA – Australia

Poland: ZAIKS “ZwiÄzek Autorów i Kompozytorów Scenicznych” (Vereinigung der Bühnenautoren und -komponisten)

Link to the ZAIKS (just in polish)

Spain: SGAE “Sociedad General de Autores y Editores”

Link to the SGAE

Denmark: KODA (copyrights for composers, songwriters and music publishers)

Link to the KODA