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We have installed a nice feature that is especially helpful for longer music researches. The tracks you viewed the detail page of are no longer only listed as “Your Recently Viewed Tracks” with links but instead there is now also a separate player window for these tracks. You can also find this player in the upper right corner on each track detail page.

This way you can easily review the tracks you were specially interested in during your research session and narrow down potential candidates to keep in mind for the next time you come back to our site. Enjoy 🙂

Lekker, licker, bass man catcher!

I do not know the fat content of a bass man. The fat content of a “Parmigiano” (italian hard cheese) lies by 60 percent. That is as sure as fate.

alex 011

Find this at Mark Bass (hall 4.0, E82)

alex 006

Such a “umph” is needed, to research and present such a wonderful device like the MoMarker, a modular Amp/EQ system for hot “music wire” players.

alex 008