Para que serve a licença ‘Online advertising’?

Production Music – mais importante do que nunca

No momento estamos vivendo uma nova era na produção musical. Vinte anos atrás, o pré-licenciamento tinha seu principal mercado no fornecimento de música para comerciais transmitidos quase exclusivamente na televisão ou no cinema.

A mudança imparável

Hoje, o foco mudou drasticamente para o uso online nos últimos anos. Isso não inclui missões comerciais curtas, tais como pré, médias ou pós-colheitas. Especialmente os vídeos virais constituem a maior parte aqui. O marketing de conteúdo na forma de pequenos videoclipes ainda precisa (felizmente, 😉 de música como um elemento de fundo importante.

A licença de ‘Online advertising’ permite que todos possam

Por isso, desenvolvemos a licença ‘Online advertising’, que permite as seguintes utilizações:

– Usando uma Música em um (1) Vídeo de Social Media

– Tempo ilimitado em todo o mundo

– Aplica-se a todas as plataformas de Social Media, incluindo Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Vimeo, etc.

– Naturalmente, não exclui o próprio site.

Somente usos adicionais (por exemplo, publicidade em canais, como pós, meados ou pré-rolos) ou infomercials não são cobertos por esta licença.

production music

Comece a procurar directamente aqui:


¿Para qué sirve la licencia “Online Advertising”?

Production Music – más importante que nunca

En estos momentos estamos viviendo una nueva era en la producción musical. Hace veinte años, las licencias previas tenían su principal mercado en el suministro de música para comerciales emitidos casi exclusivamente en televisión o en el cine.

El cambio imparable

Hoy en día, el enfoque se ha desplazado dramáticamente hacia el uso en línea en los últimos años. Esto no incluye las misiones en comerciales cortos, tales como pre, medio o post-rolls. Especialmente los videos virales constituyen la mayor parte aquí. El marketing de contenidos (Content marketing) en forma de pequeños videoclips sigue necesitando (afortunadamente, ;-)) música como elemento de fondo importante.

La licencia ‘Online advertising’ hace posible que todo el mundo

Por lo tanto, hemos desarrollado la licencia “Online Advertising”, que permite los siguientes usos:

– Uso de una canción en un (1) video de medios sociales (Social Media)

– Tiempo ilimitado en todo el mundo

– Se aplica a todas las plataformas de Social Media, incluyendo Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Vimeo, etc.

– Por supuesto, no se excluye el propio sitio web.

Sólo los usos adicionales (p. ej., la publicidad en el canal como post-, mid-, o pre-rolls) o infomerciales no están cubiertos por esta licencia.

production music

Archive music también se conoce como stock music o production music.

What is the “Online Advertising” license for?

Production Music – more important than ever

At the moment we are experiencing a whole new era in Production Music. Twenty years ago, pre-cleared licenses had their main market in providing music for commercials broadcast almost exclusively on TV or in the cinema.


The unstoppable change

Today, the focus has shifted dramatically to online usage in recent years. This does not include missions in short commercials, such as pre-, mid- or post-rolls. Especially viral videos make up the bulk here. Content marketing in the form of small video clips still needs (fortunately, ;-)) music as a important background element.


The license ‘Online advertising’ makes it possible for everyone

Therefore, we have developed the license ‘Online Advertising’, which allows the following uses:

  • Use of a song in one (1) social media video
  • Unlimited Time, wordwide
  • Applies to all social media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Vimeo, etc.
  • The own website is of course not excluded.

Only additional uses (e.g., in-stream advertising as post-, mid-, or pre-rolls) or infomercials are not covered by this license.


production music
archive music is also known as production music

Archive music is also known as stock music or production music. For further questions on the subject it is best if you write us at

Proud Music Library Youtube Channel

Proud Music is excited to announce the creation of its Youtube channel:!  There, you will find links to commercial spots, image and commercial films, as well as product videos, among many, which were created with music from the Proud Music Library. Visit the site to find out which music titles were used, and who the composers of said titles are. If you are trying to make a decision about which title to purchase, the videos available on our Youtube channel might help you determine what would work best. We will continue to increase our video availability, which you may also access through our Facebook page. Enjoy!

Proud Music Library
Proud Music Library on Youtube!


May I show an Image Film at a fair with a standard license and at the same time present it on its own website?

Yes. The standard license is tied to the use. Under use we differentiate – except for the limit of 1000 copies – the type of use, and not volume. That means that if the music is inserted in a Image Film, it does not matter whether the film is shown at a fair or streamed on the Internet, be it on its own website or that of a third party such as YouTube, Vimeo, or Facebook.

It does make a difference, though, if the film is inserted with commercial purposes. In this context commercial means “to promote the sales of a product (good or service).” The corporate film does not usually have the sales of a product in mind, but rather serves to improve the image of the company. The fact that in this context of the film the company products can be shown is self-evident. But the film’s purpose is not commercial use, as for example, a TV spot. Image spots are an exception. An image spot is an Image Film in the style of a commercial spot, which serves primarily to strengthen a brand. The focus of an image spot is not the company itself; rather the brand is positively emotionally charged through the film/spot. The company’s products may be advertised better through the upload, since the brand already conveys a positive image.

What is the difference between an online advertising license and a standard license?

The online advertising license differs from the standard license in the range of use it has. It is applicable to online commercial spots on its own website. The range of use is limited to one language version and to one version of the spot. The license is for a year. The online advertising license is also valid for the so called point of sale use within the context of sales promotion measures. For example, you can stream the spot from the website via LAN connection. Should you intend to disseminate the video via video platforms (such as Youtube and Vimeo), you must extend the online advertising license accordingly. Since there are many possibilities of use that differ greatly in type and range, we offer license extensions depending on range of use. For this purpose, please send us an e-mail or simply call us at: +49 (0)6132 43 088 30.

Viral videos: an example created by Serviceplan

This video is an example of a viral video created by the advertising agency Serviceplan in Munich (Germany) for Pattex, a well-known glue produced by Henkel AG Co. & KGaA. The theme, composed and produced by Frank Herrlinger, is called “Loops of Fun”. You can find this and many other titles in the Proud Music Library.

The above is an example of what we have come to know as a viral video. Although originally, the Internet was meant to be used as a scientific tool by the Pentagon and never as the source of communication as we know it (, it has become not only that, but also a vehicle for entertainment, information, and marketing, among other things. In the early to mid ‘90s, viral videos were those people sent as examples of bloopers or funny animations set to known songs like that of B.J. Thomas’ “Hooked on a Feeling” in “Dancing Baby” (also featured in Ally McBeal),  and their length was between 19 and 25 seconds long. Nowadays, many product and artist promotions are done through the creation of videos and are easily accessible to anyone through pages such as YouTube. One instant success that comes to mind is Susan Boyle’s appearance on Britain’s Got Talent in 2009 through the promotion of her video on that site. The Pattex advertisement video is clearly another example of the innumerable possibilities that the World Wide Web represents.

Are the online usage rights included in your standard license?

Royalty-free Music and Production Music by Proud Music

Films underlaid with music licensed under the terms of the standard license, may also be put on the internet. Some examples would be the use of corporate films or product videos on the companies’ homepage. In addition, you may allow access to the film you produced via video platform such as YouTube, Google Video, and so on.. Although, this does not apply to online advertising, rather only to the use as indicated in the standard license.  In order to advertise online on your own website, you would need to register for the online advertising license. If you plan to advertise on video-sharing-websites you need an extended licence agreement.

Please contact us regarding this matter by phone: 06132-4308830 or via e-mail.You would then obtain from us all necessary rights for the online usage of music as specified in the standard license. This applies as well explicitly to IPTV, Mobile and IPTV Broadcast, that is to say, the use in Video on demand (VOD) offers.