What is IPTV?

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IPTV or Internet Protocol Television refers to the delivery of television programming via broadband. There are many advantages to this modern convenience, which include being able to record multiple programs via DVR at the same time (even from a remote location via telephone), participating real time with the audience in game shows such as Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?, and analyzing a particular sports tactic from various angles. It also allows you to fast forward and rewind a show if you missed it because you were tending a phone call or going to the bathroom. At the rate technology has advanced, what will they think of next?

Are the online usage rights included in your standard license?

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Films underlaid with music licensed under the terms of the standard license, may also be put on the internet. Some examples would be the use of corporate films or product videos on the companies’ homepage. In addition, you may allow access to the film you produced via video platform such as YouTube, Google Video, and so on.. Although, this does not apply to online advertising, rather only to the use as indicated in the standard license.  In order to advertise online on your own website, you would need to register for the online advertising license. If you plan to advertise on video-sharing-websites you need an extended licence agreement.

Please contact us regarding this matter by phone: 06132-4308830 or via e-mail.You would then obtain from us all necessary rights for the online usage of music as specified in the standard license. This applies as well explicitly to IPTV, Mobile and IPTV Broadcast, that is to say, the use in Video on demand (VOD) offers.