What license do I need for a trailer?

In order to enjoy a music title from the Proud Music Library for a trailer, you need an advertising license. Depending on which media you choose to advertise the trailer, there are online, radio, movie, and TV licenses. Each license type offers separate rights. Online advertising, for example on Yahoo!®, requires the issuance of an online advertising license; for TV advertising, for example on NBC, MTV or a local channel, requires a TV advertising license.

Proud Music is media partner for Make-A-Wish Foundation® Germany

Make-A-Wish Foundation® is an organization that began in 1980 after a group of kindhearted people came together to grant the wish of a terminally ill 7-year old to become a police officer. Since then, it has grown to become not only a nationally, but also internationally acclaimed institution, with affiliates in over 36 countries.

From the beginning, the mission of the foundation has remained constant: “to grant the wishes of children with life-threatening medical conditions to enrich the human experience with hope, strength and joy” (www.wish.org). Whether a child’s wish is to play for the first time in the snow or to visit Disneyland, the Make-A-Wish Foundation® makes every effort to make it come true.

There are memorable stories of children meeting their favorite rock star or singer after surviving brain cancer, as was the case for 17 year old Alexx Kipp who had a chance to meet Beatle Ringo Starr, or creating a new ice cream flavor for Cold Stone Creamery, just as 11 year old Kate did, stories that Make-A-Wish Foundation® helps come true for these children thanks to the support of donors and volunteers.
Proud Music believes in the mission of the foundation and that is why it has been a proud media partner of the Make-A-Wish Foundation Deutschland e.V. since 2008. On April 29, 2011 is was World Wish Day. Help us celebrate this day to continue making possible other children’s wishes!

Music for Panoramic virtual tours by Virtual Surfers

Panoramic virtual tours are made with stitching software. They are meant to present a landmark, building, room, or object from all 360 degree angles. Used to advertise for example, hotels, houses, museums, and shops, they project views very similar to the way in which dancers twirl and travel across different spaces.

Panoramic photography is becoming more and more important in the business world. Do you wish to sell your house? Chances are that you will perceive more potential buyers if they have a better idea of the layout of the rooms and how they connect. One particular company that specializes on panoramic virtual tours is Virtual Surfers GmbH, with offices in Munich. Its Managing Directors, Stephan and Christina von Bressensdorf have been experimenting with this kind of photography since 2002, and we are happy to include them among our clients.

For a Panoramic virtual tours of the Lindner Hotels in Munich, they used the completely royalty free track “Piano Athmosphere” (C: Andres Lutz)  from the Proud Music Library.

What is a trailer?

Who has not watched a movie preview (lasts between one and three minutes) before, and awoken his curiosity to run to the cinema’s premiere once it was released? How many TV spots (lasts less than a minute) of the latest video games have not lured fans to the store? How about those commercials advertising the newest car, event or dish on a restaurant menu? Whichever form it takes, or whatever its purpose, trailers or teasers are extracts from films, video games, or TV shows such as sitcoms and dramas, which are intended to promote the same.

What are composers?

Those are the people responsible for bringing music to life from its origins for our enjoyment. They create and experiment with compositions for the theater, television, radio, or film industries, among the various areas, some of which become masterpieces, such as John Williams’ score for the Star Wars films.

Nevertheless, a number of well-known appealing works need not be as lengthy or modern; they may be as simple and memorable as Alan Silvestri’s Forrest Gump’s theme Feather. A composer’s work is protected by copyright laws which state that the music is his property, unless he states otherwise in writing.