Proud Music Library update: 50 new tracks!

50 new royalty free production music in our Proud Music Library:

Sound of Africa, African Festival, Fugitive, Afrikaans 4, Animal, Elicottero, The Song of Baba, Multicultural Village, Lalalla’, Soundtrack , Transoceanic, New Dehli Nights, Kasbha Life, African Nostalgia, Afrikaans 3, Afrikaans 11, Tango de Maria, Horn, Camel’s Land, Shangai Surprise, Dakar Streets, Black Shadows, Mistery Islands, Afrikaans 2, Slitta, With Sounds Painted in the Eyes, Nocturne, New Bell Prize Astral, Sequoia Forest, Experiment, Voyager, White, future anthem, For my Love, Sweet Sensation, Deep Whispers, Fondo Blu, Lunar Phase, Reflections, Green, Sky Blue, Technical visions, Mysteri, Grey, Indian Sky, Aerea, The Sounds Painted in the Eyes, Black, Afrikaans, Arkaika, Squali 3, Mondi Possibili

Proud Music Library Update: 200 new production music tracks online !

200 new tracks online of the composers and producers Fabrizio Marioni, Vincenzo Ricca, Luca Brunetti, Fabrizio Martini, Ivano Icardi, Davide Rosenholz, Frank Herrlinger, Bjarne O., Livio Boccioni, Paolo Ferrario, Daniela Dessì, Massimiliano Lazzaretti, Marco Marrone, Michele Braga, Gennaro Becchimanzi, Antonio Bonazzo, Roberto Brasolin, Tommaso Pau, Aniello Coppola and Mario Capuani! To listen the new tracks please click on New Tracks.