Proud Music in a corporate video for Microsoft (Belgium&Luxemburg)

corporate video

The track “Going for the BigBeat” (Composer/Producer: Frank Herrlinger) was used in a corporate video for Microsoft (Belgium&Luxemburg) produced by Ebuco Digital Productions (Belgium). The music bears up the video with a jazzy track dressed in a big beat robe.  A sweet little whistled theme takes place and keeps the track easy and relaxed.

What means “1000 physical units” in the standard-license?

If you like to license music from the Proud Music Library e.g. for a corporate video, which is used for trade fairs or the company’s website and offered to be downloaded, the standard-license will cover this kind of use. Regardless of how often the video is downloaded or replayed. The limitation of 1000 units is just refering to physical units such as DVDs, CDs or memory sticks. If you want to offer your product via download, please get in contact us with an e-mail to [email protected] for an individual license.