Could you do the research for me, I don’t have the time it takes?

Anyone looking for a suitable music title for a film knows the problem. Only 20 years ago, people were digging through countless CD catalogues, which took several hours.

Production music for commercial projects by Proud Music
Production Music

Thanks to the (fast) Internet, the Proud Music Library was established in 2003 to reduce search costs for media professionals. We offer a comfortable search where the search filter can be set according to about 15 criteria. So far so good. But now we have more than 35,000 music titles in our program. That’s why we offer a free search service for music searches for advertising films, i.e. all films for which an advertising license is relevant. Simply send us your customer briefing and we will search for suitable titles free of charge. You will receive a search result either after one hour or at the latest after 24 hours.

Production Music
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