33 new royalty free music tracks in our Proud Music Library online!

In about a few hours the weekend will be here. So, it is time to put some new royalty free music online of the composers Bjarne O., André Schröder, Ivano Icardi, Gambino Paolo, Davide Rosenholz, Emiliano Cinquanta and Silvano Martina.

Just click and listen (Just be patient after clicking the first track. It takes 30 sek.. But then it goes quickly):
Jean Lui
Chinese Twilight
Classic Dance
Just another night in space
Prima O Poi
Little Things
Against all odds
Always thinking of you
Just another night in space Var. 02
Bach and forth
Brave Hearts
Cheating the Hangman
Chinese Grasshopper Song
Chinese Sunrise
Christmas Spirit
Coming Home
Dead or Alive
Just another night in space Var. 01
Passage To India
700 People
Always in my heart
Chasing my demons
A new day
Beyond Fear Hope
Celebration II
Chinese Divine Dance
Chinese Heartbeat

You find more royalty free music on our side New Tracks, too.

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