How to surprise Tim O’Reilly at the Keynote

Tim O'Reilly

At his Web 2.0 Expo Berlin Keynote yesterday, Tim asked the audience a question: “Are you all looking forward to the launch of the iphone in Germany?”. Clearly he was expecting a “hell, yeah, can’t wait”-kind of response.

But nearly nobody cheered! Why was that? He must have thought, all Germany is unaware of this great product, we don’t encourage innovation – you could see these thoughts on his face.

What he didn’t know, that nobody cheered because of the expensive tariffs, the traffic limit etc. The question was phrased wrong for this occasion. Statements minus context are hard to evaluate and lead to misunderstanding. So it shows, we have got a long way to go, before these visionary services he proposed can properly understand context.

If you do speak german, there is a good summary of the Keynote by Thorsten Kleinz over

Photo: Mr. Topf (CC-License)