Watching actors on stage (Frank Herrlinger) for NINTENDO WII TV Spot

The track “Watching actors on stage” (Producer/Composer: Frank Herrlinger) from the Proud Music Library was licensed for the NINTENDO WII TV Spot.  The track is a “Ragtime”. Ragtime is an original musical genre which enjoyed its peak popularity in the early decades of the last century.  It was a modification of the march, with additional polyrhythms coming from African music. Ragtime music was often used in slapstick scenes in the silent movie age. The music is suitable to boost up chases, cake fights and further funny scenes in “the flicks” of Buster Keaton, Charlie Chaplin or Harold Lloyd.

The Ragtime had his ultimate peak in the early 1970ies in the movie “The Sting” of ´George Roy Hill.  A lot of rag time compositions by Scott Joplin were used in this film (e.g. “The Entertainer”) and made this music genre world famous. This music genre is perfect for a background music of active and hectic situations in a scene. This music, with its syncopated melodies, acts as a stimulant and makes the scene happy, cheery and frolic.


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