Uncut film material Filmmaterial that is created by a video or a film production is called footage. This material is nevertheless often exploited on its own by producers through by means of footage archives, where unused film sequences can be licensed.

Television stations usually are interested in News and regional material, film productions need images for advertising spots, TV-Spots and also industrial films are interest in using stock footage.

A simple example: A company needs a tiger to run in the jungle, from left to right on the screen, for an advertising spot. There are prerecorded footage takes available for licensing, which already show  a tiger in the jungle.

Great News – the film production thus saves the costs to fly to India, stay for weeks in the jungle in order to finally get to see a tiger :-). Therefore it is often more advised to investigate, whether there is matching material in the footage archives, available for licensing.

The Proud Music library works according to a similar principle. This time it is no cinematic material but audio footage instead. In our online music database you can research a large number of music footage already produced and available for instant music licensing.