On Pack Promotions

The term is understood as a series of promotional measures or actions on site that the potential buyer may extract from a product’s packing.

The German speaking world often uses the term “free gift promotion”, since the product enclose is considered added value. Most of the time, these promotions are self-adhesive, and may be presented in the form of coupons. There is a difference between product-specific and product-non specific on-pack promotions. Examples of non specific promotions are complementary products. In the music industry, we come across these products on a regular basis. One known example is redeemable coupons for downloadable songs from music portals, which are enclosed with bottled drinks. Depending on the client group, music lends itself as added value. For this purpose, it is possible to target certain groups with appropriate songs from popular artists, but the declaration of rights can be costly.

An alternative are compilations of music that are adequate to the use of the product according to its genre, such as relaxation music for hygiene products, or cool jazz for sophisticated consumer products. Our music library can be licensed for the physical distribution of such products (a circulation of CDs/DVDs or USB sticks will be affixed directly to the product). An interesting alternative is also downloads through promotional codes, such as those that may be redeemed through the product’s site. Just talk to us about an individual license!