Music licensing for computer games

If producing a computer game you need to decide whether to license existing music or if it is necessary to produce an individual soundtrack. The licensing of music in place of producing already is a common and timesaving way in different game genres.

It depends on the special type of a game, if the use of production music is possible and beneficial. It is more difficult to find Ingame-tracks or music for cut-scenes than to take any undisturbing and easy themes for displays, menus etc.  Adventure games usually marked by individual scoring in contrast to edutainment or casual games, where the probability of a favorable licensing of existing music tracks is higher and where the choice is bigger.

If you are searching for licensing music for your computer game, the Proud Music Library contains a large repertoire of music tracks applicable for games.  Just contact us with the briefing of your game and we will propose potential titles and compile an individual licensing offer. Therefor its helpful, if you can give us some titles of our large content which are roughly what you imagine.

What do we understand under the term game soundtracks?


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Game soundtracks refer to the soundtracks for computer games. It usually deals with musical scores for film material, and hence, orchestra compositions. An exception are, for example, racers with so called source music, in which, for instance, one has a choice among different radio stations with various musical styles (e.g. GTA-Games). More and more, game soundtracks are always produced lavishly and played partially by real orchestras.

Hybrid productions have reached higher standards with the accompaniment of music recordings of live solo instruments, because the audio range in the game scenes acquires a higher place value. Soundtrack CDs with music from and about well-known game titles are also available; individual composers and their game soundtracks have earned international cult status. In the live concert scene, game tracks have also been successful and gain more and more attention. There are a series of worldwide game music concerts around the world that originated in Japan. The Proud Music Library can give you, together with its offer of individual commissioned composers and complete soundtracks of game audio designs, the possibility to purchase a license to our orchestral music library tracks for video game soundtracks. Also royalty free!

Proud Music @ GC Games Convention 2008, Leipzig (Germany)

20.08.-23.08.2008: Meet Proud Music @ GC Games Convention 2008, Leipzig (Germany), Business Center Hall 1 Box K71. We are providing an insight in our Proud Music Library for online licensing of music for computer and video games (Gilde II, Crashday, RTL Fußballmanager, etc.). Furthermore, we are presenting our services in music consulting, sound design and composing/scoring. Frank Herrlinger (music/sound design for RTL WinterSports, RTL Biathlon, Blobtycoon, etc.) will be also aboard.