10 rules – How to attend an O’Reilly Web 2.0 Expo conference

  1. Think positive!
  2. Don’t go to the sessions on topics that you are interested in. I know, it’s tempting, because you want to learn, but trust me, don’t.
  3. If you did go there anyway, do not ask the speaker an interesting question. He/She does not know the answer anyway, or otherwise it would have been included in the talk.
  4. Don’t expect something other than lightweight talk, which is outdated roughly two years. No or maybe low expectations increase the subjective value of the conference.
  5. Accept cultural differences. Wanting a balanced view is sooo European. Instead think about what you can learn from seeing only chances and opportunities.
  6. If you go to a session that you have absolutely no clue on => number four is not a problem and you will get new ideas.
  7. Socialize! Most people don’t know about the quality of those speakers, because O’Reilly has a good name. Capitalize on that! It means, that lots of interesting people will attend. So you have great guys (and even girls) to meet.
  8. If you want dialog on things in sessions, check if there is a Barcamp the weekend before. The open-minded speakers of the Conference will already be in town and hold a session there for free.
  9. Bring your own food, coffeine (and probably chair and table).
  10. Think positive! It really makes all the difference! Sometimes you stumble into an inspiring session by accident.