The best session of Berlin Web 2.0 Expo – Don Tapscott on Wikinomics

Did you read my list 10 rules – How to attend an O’Reilly Web 2.0 Expo conference which I posted earlier today?

Well, No. 10 went like this:

  1. Think positive! It really makes all the difference! Sometimes you stumble into an inspiring session by accident.

Guess what? This just happened. The very last keynote of this Web 2.0 Expo in Berlin was a blast:

Don Tapscott on Wikinomics

For me, it was simply the best session on the entire Expo.

  • It was bleeding-edge
  • It was thought-provoking way beyond “hey, let’s have a tag cloud and user profile pages”
  • There were lessions learned: You actually took something home
  • It was sharply focussed
  • and last but not least: very well delivered and entertainingly presented

Thank you Don for this session and the organisers for selecting him as a speaker. This was definately my personal highlight of this conference and made all the week in Berlin worthwile. Let’s just hope the organisers of Web 2.0 Expo learn from the feedback they encouraged all the time, the quality is out there.