18 new tracks online by the composers/producers Manuel Kempter, Daniel Altena, Claus Zimborski and Reinhold Pöhnl.

18 new tracks online by composers and producers Manuel Kempter, Daniel Altena, Reinhold Pöhnl and Claus Zimborski. All tracks are royalty free music!

Daniel Altena:
Don’t look behind
Can I take you for a ride?
My poison

Reinhold Pöhnl:
Buy one, get two
Silent Tears
You wonder why?
You wonder why? (Talkover]
Jäger Wild
Rondo Kling Klang (slow)
Silent Tears (HipHop mix)
Silent Tears (BGM mix)

Claus Zimborski:
Between the lines
Different voices

Manuel Kempter:
Doll Shoping
Fall of rome
I don’t reach her
Anuschka the wooden marionette

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