50 new tracks for licensing online

50 new royalty free production music in our Proud Music Library by the composers and producers Livio Boccioni, Marianna Cataldi, Silvano Martina, Paolo Ferrario, Ivano Icardi, et al..

The tracks:

Il protocollo Sabbia, Listening, A decision made easy, Hiring the death, Jamaica, Country Party, Soccer Manager, Indian, Speed Combat, Techno Kilt, Northern tales, Close your eyes, You can still decide, Encounters, Etnosax, Revelations, Sexagesimo Primero, Oasis, Eskalibur, Freezata Davina, Bom Bom Bom, The Red Bernie Experience , Tensotronic , Join , Eterea , Tennis, Sfera Space , Ac Trenno’, Morricone, Polifonico 1, Drop , Deep Dub, Sfera Scarna, Calypso, Eternity, Brief , Sfera Rock, Sfera Leggera, Robobit, Soundtrack , Bike , ‘A Tarantella, Transoceanic, Baby Raggae, Heaven, ‘A Livella, Zimbawe, Ipnotica , Sfera Ambient , Trip, Real Action , Hurry, Vivid Rock, Funkyscreen, Baby One, Panoramic, Droning West Dub, African Mood, Relaxation, Sfera Aliena , Sfera Bjork , Dynamic Guitar , Motorway Freedom , Soulsaver , Geronimo, Wrong Car, Brazil, Electrostory, Mountain, Japan Rendezvous, Like C64, Boom Bay, Working week (Underscore), Tempio.

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