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We have reworked the search feature completely in our search machine for royalty free music. The search text input field now provides for the first time on our site a facility for complex search queries.

All the search criteria you could up to now only click on can now be entered into our search field, separated by colons.

So now you can search for two instruments, e.g. saxophon, vibraphon at the same time.

Of course, track names and track descriptions are searched as before.

Further feedback on this or any other feature of our library is, as always, highly welcome!

4 new composers on board and 83 new tracks online

Royalty free music update: We welcome 4 new composers on board. Bjarne O. (Denmark), Anthony Pell (Australia), Simon Brewer (United Kingdom) and Jørn Lavoll (Norway). Furthermore, thera are 83 new tracks for licensing online in our Proud Music Library. You can hear the new tracks in our New Tracks section.

Related Tracks and Recently Viewed Tracks

We have just now implemented two nice details in our Proud Music Library:

1. A recently viewed tracks box will appear, if you have visited a track details page during your listening session in our search-engine. This makes it easy to return to previously found tracks, if you are listening to a lot of music in a row.

2. There is another reason to click on the details link of a track. We now display related tracks to the one you selected on the details page. If you like a track, simply view its detail page to see, what similar or in a way related tracks we have got. This way you can narrow down your search much easier.

22 remixe by André Schröder online!

The german royalty free music artist André Schröder produced 22 remixes for the Proud Music Library. You can hear his tracks in our New Tracks section or just by clicking here:

1st visit on venus (Extended)
Ticket 2 get wicked (Extended)
Everybody (Extended)
2 fat, 2 strong (Extended)
Amazonia sunset (Extended)
In the sky (Extended)
Ionic Beams (Extended)
kellaa jam (Extended)
L’image du soleil au centre de la lune (Extended)
Beat me (Extended)
Discollage (Extended)
Down the dunes (Extended)
Drop it 2 the rythm (Extended)
eMOTIONS (Extended)
Losing my restriction (Extended)
Manimal @work (Extended)
Orient XPress (Extended)
Parlez-Vous Junglais (Extended)
Plasmadelic vibes (Extended)
Reach my soul (Extended)
Rewind Selector (Extended)
Roll with it (Extended)

News and FAQ are now Blog posts

We are now posting News in the Proud Music Blog, instead of being just static. FAQ entries are now written as blog articles as well and allow as such comments and replies by you directly in the blog.

We do hope, to provide an easy way for you to get in touch with us through the blog. We hope to be able to answer open questions about our Proud Music Library, being asked through blog comments, in a short and direct way and/or write new faq entries based on your feedback.

André Schröder produced 23 new tracks for the Proud Music Library!

André Schröder produced some new royalty-free impressive chill out and ambiente tracks for the Proud Music Library. You can hear his pre-cleared tracks in the Proud Music Library New Tracks section or just by clicking here:

Chill Bill (Volume 1)

You find more royalty free music on our side New Tracks, too.

Production Music
Production Music, Stock Music, Royalty free Music and archive music in our Proud Music Library

18 new tracks online by the composers/producers Manuel Kempter, Daniel Altena, Claus Zimborski and Reinhold Pöhnl.

18 new tracks online by composers and producers Manuel Kempter, Daniel Altena, Reinhold Pöhnl and Claus Zimborski. All tracks are royalty free music!

Daniel Altena:
Don’t look behind
Can I take you for a ride?
My poison

Reinhold Pöhnl:
Buy one, get two
Silent Tears
You wonder why?
You wonder why? (Talkover]
Jäger Wild
Rondo Kling Klang (slow)
Silent Tears (HipHop mix)
Silent Tears (BGM mix)

Claus Zimborski:
Between the lines
Different voices

Manuel Kempter:
Doll Shoping
Fall of rome
I don’t reach her
Anuschka the wooden marionette

You find more royalty free music on our side New Tracks, too.